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Follow-up to a comment.

Per my comment reply to Peter, this is from the My Certifications > MCSE: Private Cloud page.


Trying to Get Back On Track

Mitch Garvis:

Originally posted on Losing A Part of Me.

Originally posted on Losing a part of me:

The last couple of months have been a disaster with regard to the weight loss and all.  I am trying to get back on track… and there are days of brief success.  However I am trying to integrate little things into my routine that will work for me.

Four days a week I take the GO Train into Toronto to work, which of course means that those same four days I take the train back home to Burlington.  Aside from the walk to and from the train station (on the work side… I have to drive to the station in Burlington) is a good walk (and especially invigorating when it is Holy Crap Degrees Below Zero, as it was all last week), but I decided to add a bit to that.

I am not sure why I started… it could have been the bitter cold and trying to keep my…

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New Interior…

I nearly panicked when I boarded the Air Canada Boeing 777-300 that will take me to Vancouver, for the connecting flight to Seattle.  The First Class cabin did not have the pods that I was used to… just regular seats…

…or so it seemed.  In truth they have revamped the cabin and while the pods are gone, the seats are great.  There is a true lie-flat bed seat, and instead of the normal 3″x2″ pillow you used to find on your seat, there was a proper full-size pillow and a blanket that looks like a comforter.  Once we are in the air I look forward to testing it out.

The new in-flight entertainment system is a huge improvement… the screen looks to be a 15.6″ wide screen, and it does not have to fold out (which means it does not have to be stowed for taxi and take-off).

The pod looks and feels similar to the one on the Singapore Airlines 777 that I flew one leg on last year.  Make no mistake – it is nowhere near as nice as the Airbus A380 Business Class on that airline (see article) but it is certainly an improvement over the old Air Canada pods… which I rather liked.

The first time I ever flew in those pods was my flight to Hong Kong, shortly after the Microsoft Airlift for System Center Configuration Manager 2007.  My first time in this seat is heading to the WSSC vNext Airlift, seven years later.

The table is not very intuitive, but other than that (and more new ridiculous rules from the FAs) I approve :)

Private Posts

I want to thank all of you who reached out to me this morning when you could not get into my ‘private’ article.  I wanted to share something that I had written (that believe it or not is far too incendiary to post on this site) with an old army buddy, so I pass-word protected it.  I assure you that you have not missed any great wisdom regarding IT.  I was essentially venting about terrorism.

Thanks for your feedback and your continued loyalty!


Protected: (Private Article)

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2014: No growth, but no shrinkage.

I want to thank you all, the great readers of The World According to Mitch.

2013 was a year of huge growth for my blog.  I spent the first few months with Microsoft, and so I was cross-posting all of my blogs from there to here (and vice-versa).  The last four months of the year were spent in Japan and Australia, with a lot of travel-related blogging that grabbed your attention.  Because of that, my readership ballooned to just over 181,000 views.

2014 was my annus horribilis.  It was simply a terrible year from the very outset.  Marital separation, unemployment, and depression are the three major themes from the first nine months of the year, and it is reflected in my blogging – my contributions to the site dropped to near zero for a few months.

Fortunately I am back on track; my marriage is not salvageable, but I am no longer unemployed and am much less depressed – or at least my depression is under control and I am managing it.  I have resumed my blogging with a passion, and am even ready to launch my new blog in early 2015.

I want to thank my readers for sticking with me.  As of today, December 24th, the stats are on track to just barely surpass those of 2013… although statistically I would consider it a tie with last year, and knowing what I went through I am more than happy to take it and run.

Thanks to you, I was once again listed on the 50 Must-Read IT Blogs as compiled by BitTech Magazine (see article).  I did my best to play catch-up, and hope that if this year’s appearance on the list was charitable, next year I will once again fully deserve your votes.

In the next few weeks I will have some big changes to announce, and I am looking forward to them.  I will be enjoying new challenges, and will be talking about a lot of technologies that I have not spent a lot of time on this year.  In the meantime I want to close the year by thanking you all, and sharing with you all, on Christmas Eve, a throwback to last year, my poem, A Modern Christmas Carol by Mitch.  Re-reading it reminded me of how much fun I had composing it, and how much I enjoyed my time in Japan.

Merry Christmas to all of you.


What It’s Like Being Seen As Fat

Originally posted on Losing a part of me:

I want to be very clear that this is not an article about being fat. I will probably write an article or two about that, but this is not it. It is an article about how other people see me as a fat man.

I grew up in a household where I was never good enough; a lot of the time it was because I hadn’t tried very hard, but when I did try hard and didn’t do perfect then I would be reminded of it. Hey Mom & Dad I got a 95 on my test! ‘What happened to the other 5 marks?’ (I will gladly place a bet right now that should my parents read this I will hear the following: 1: We were joking! 2: If you had tried harder all of the time we wouldn’t have been so sceptical of the other times! 4: I knew…

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