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Welcome to Windows 10: Jumping off the Edge.

I sat down at my computer this afternoon to a notification that my Windows 10 beta was done, and the actual Release to Manufacturing (RTM) bits were downloading.  Woohoo!

Okay… I’m not nearly as excited as I once would have been, but it’s not a bad thing.  It is however amazing for me to think that it was only three short years ago that I was criss-crossing the country showing Canadian IT Professionals the advantages of Windows 8.  Heck, it is still pretty fresh in my mind how three years before that I was doing the same thing with Windows 7!  Well here we are, Windows 10 is the thing, and some people will like it and some people won’t… and for the first time in a decade I have absolutely no responsibilities with regard to getting people excited about a new Windows operating system Smile

With that said, I like it.  It took me a little time to get used to (as did Windows 8, which eventually grew on me), but now that I have been working with it for nearly a year it’s got some game, and I am glad it’s here.  Of course, if you have ever spent any amount of time running beta (sorry… pre-release) code, you know there is a feeling of relief when you are finally supported again.

Of the myriad OS upgrades I have done over the past two decades (3.11 – Win95 – Win98 – WinME – Win2K – WinXP – WinVista – Win7 – Win8 – Win8.1 – Win10) I am happy to say this was the easiest of the upgrades; I didn’t have to burn an ISO, I didn’t have to acquire a DVD (or CD… or floppy disks), all I had to do was let Windows Update work its magic.  It took a while – I do wish there had been a notification or something.  ‘Hey, Mitch!  We’re taking away your ability to work for the next hour.  Go for a walk!’ But whatever… I have another computer handy, and I didn’t lose any productivity.  (Note to self: That PC will be upgrading itself any day now, so make sure you are aware!)

I will spend a few days working on it before I make my final decision, but so far I like it.  I’m not sure about the new browser though… Microsoft Edge it is called.  They touted it as the great new thing that would be completely compatible and totally secure… and then I got this message the first time I tried to load a website more complex that


Ok, I’m glad it is willing to tell me it has limits, but I am glad that a) I have Internet Explorer as a fall back, and b) I have Google Chrome at the ready Smile

One good thing I should mention… So far everything that was installed before the upgrade seems to be working after the upgrade.  That is not to say that I didn’t have a couple of applications that didn’t work with the beta version either (Any VPN clients in da house?) but going from dogfood to final was seamless.  Let’s home it stays that way!

Hey Cortana! Let’s get started!


iPhone 6: The Plusses & Nots…

Friday afternoon I went to the Apple Store in Mapleview Mall (Burlington) to pick up a new phone.  I was served by the lovely Miss Stefanie, who was really great (see article).  I was on the fence about the iPhone 6 versus the iPhone 6 Plus, so Stefanie suggested I do what she called ‘The Pocket Test.’  Simply put: see if it fits in your pocket.  The 6+ did, but I was still unsure.  Since the Apple/Rogers method allows a 15/30 return policy (15 days OR 30 minutes talk time) I was worried I wouldn’t be able to change my mind in time… but I was going to the U.S.A. for the weekend, so I wouldn’t be doing much talking.  Okay, let’s try the 6+.

I want to preface what I am going to say about the phone with a very definitive comment: The 6+ is a great phone.  It is pretty, it is great, the screen is wonderful.  It is also likely big enough to take cover behind should you ever find yourself under enemy fire.  If I thought my old Nokia Lumia 920 was big, it didn’t compare to this.  I tried it for the weekend and decided it was not the phone for me.  Why?  I like the fact that I could use my old iPhone 5 one-handed, and that was just not possible with this beast.  This wouldn’t be a differentiator for people with smaller hands – they might have needed both hands to operate the smaller device anyways.  However my hands are pretty big, and so that was it.  Oh, and it fit into my car-clip… barely, and only without the protective case. 

Verdict: Great phone… but not for me.

I spent a couple of hours Monday afternoon at the same Apple Store.  This time Felicia helped me until her shift ended and Stefanie freed up, and she was just as great and friendly as Stef was.  Yay Felicia and Stefanie!

I should mention, by the way, that I am never comfortable walking into an Apple Store, especially if they are busy.  You might wait around for ten minutes before anyone acknowledges you.  I was ready to fire off a signal flare when Helmut (a nice guy) came up and made sure Felicia was going to take care of me.

Because Rogers was involved (they are paying for the phone, after all!) Felicia and I had to figure out together how to do the exchange. It didn’t take long, and she was very professional as she spoke to the agent from Rogers.

The hardest part about exchanging the phone was the same issue I had when I traded up from my now defunct iPhone 5: Restoring from the iCloud Backup can take a lot of time… and before you do that, you first have to apply the latest patches to the phone.  So I literally spent two hours at the store (I would rather use their power and wifi than Starbucks because they are more reliable).  Everyone was very nice… even though, as my new Fruit Phone initialized and patched and restored I was sitting there on my HP Pro Tablet 408… the one that looks a bit like an iPad, but has a micro-USB port, micro-HDMI port, and the option to extend your device with a Micro-SD card so that the native 64gb storage is now 128gb Smile  Every time I pointed this out to Stefanie she grumbled.

Why did I point it out, you may ask? Because I found it amusing that every time another ‘genius’ approached us she introduced me as:’This is Mitch.  He used to work at Microsoft.’  I wasn’t sure if she was warning them that I was really the enemy, or that I knew what I was talking about so they better not BS me Smile  But everyone was nice and it was all in good fun.

So I have now been running the iPhone 6 (nonplussed) for a day and a half, and it is just as good in almost every way as the 6 Plus.  I have noticed a couple of differences that work in the bigger device’s favour, but not enough to change my mind.  I made the right decision trading the Mammoth in for the smaller cousin.

Verdict: The iPhone 6 is a great device… for me!

Apple makes some great products.  Even if I do not like the iPad Mini over my HP Pro Tab 8 (or HP Stream 7), or the iPad over my Surface Pro 3, or the MacBook Air over my Surface Pro 3 (again!) does not mean they are bad… they are just not for me.  Of course, 18 months ago I wouldn’t have imagined I would be using an iPhone over my Windows Phone 8 device, but here I am.  As long as the device does what you want, pick the one you prefer.  It is about functionality, not flash.  Yes, I am still a Windows fan, and an HP fan.  However we are now five years into the Windows Phone experiment, and they are still not nearly as functional as the iPhones are.  So no, I am not switching back anytime soon… to the shock and dismay of many friends I suspect!

The Apple Store… Overpriced, but not just a pretty face!

Okay, I finally needed a new phone because the old one died.  As you probably know my girlfriend’s name is Stephanie.  Well the lovely and patient girl at the Apple Store was also named Stefanie (Different spelling, same pronunciation).  She was a big help, except when deciding which phone to choose.  I was actually very pleased that she was as nice as she was, because Stephanie and I were joking the whole time, and she didn’t even take offense when we started talking about her tattoo, and how bad-ass she really isn’t :)

This is the second experience I have had with an Apple Store this year… the first time was in Bellevue, Washington and I couldn’t stop raving about the service I got there.  Fortunately I discovered today that it wasn’t simply a geographic anomaly… while I still feel Apple devices are ridiculously overpriced, at least I get good service from them… and fortunately for me, this time it was Rogers Mobility paying the bill.

Thanks Stefanie (from Apple Store Mapleview)… and Rogers!

Distinguished Names: How do I…

powershell1Yeah yeah, I know… A little while ago I talked about how to determine the Distinguished Name (DN) of an Active Directory Object, and I got a flurry of requests for doing it with PowerShell.

Now, normally I do like to show you how to do things via the GUI, and then what the PowerShell cmdlet would be for the same task.  However since I didn’t actually show a GUI way of doing it, I didn’t think to show you the PowerShell way of doing it.  My bad… Here you go!

1) Let’s say you want to get the DN of all objects with the name Mitch in it.  We can use the Get-ADObect cmdlet.  Like so:

Get-ADObject –Filter { CN –like “Mitch*” }


Okay, that’s not bad… but what am I going to do with a DN that includes an ellipses? Of course that is useless, so instead let’s use a full list,… or |fl:

Get-ADObject –Filter { CN –like “Mitch*” } |fl


So here we see the full DN (with the domain name hidden to protect the customer’s identity). 

Of course, if you don’t want a whole list, and you know the exact name of the Active Directory Object, you can change the parameters, so:

Get-ADObject –Filter { CN –eq “Mitchell Garvis” } |fl


We have eliminated the need for wildcards by changing the switch from –like to –eq, but we now need the exact name (no typos now!) for it to work.

2) The problem is, that doesn’t seem to work with Organization Units, which is what I was talking about in the first place.  So try this:

Get-ADObject –LDAPFilter “(objectClass=organizationalUnit)” |fl


Here we have changed the switch from –Filter to –LDAPFilter, and are able to see the entire list of our Object Class… in this case OUs, but you can change that for sites or domains or users.

Windows PowerShell may look complicated to those who grew in the GUI, but here’s the best part… you don’t have to memorize anything to become a PowerShell PowerUser!  All you have to do is know how to use Google (or Bing, if you are still drinking the KoolAid).  Type into the Search Bar PowerShell AD Distinguished and you will come up with a good starting point.

Now go forth and script!

OEM Servers: Myths vs. Realities

In a recent conversation I realized that there are still a lot of misconceptions about OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) operating system rights with regard to Windows Server. While I am not here to say who is right and who is wrong (whether one should or should not buy OEM operating systems), I still think it is important to understand the facts.

Myth #1: OEM licensing is limited, and cannot be upgraded.

An OEM license is indeed tied to the physical hardware for which it was purchased. This is a distinct disadvantage to purchasing Volume Licenses (VLs). However when you buy an OEM operating system you have thirty (30) days to add Software Assurance to it. Any license with Software Assurance attached to it can be upgraded as new versions are released. However there is one important bit to understand… when decommissioning that server, the SA can be detached from the license and attached to another… but the OS itself cannot.


Myth #2: Virtualization rights are unclear on OEM licenses.

I hear this from people all the time, and although I have tried to explain it to many of them, sometimes I simply have to shrug my shoulders and walk away from it. There is nothing murky or unclear about virtualization licensing. Whether your host (hypervisor) is an OEM license, VL license, or FPP (Full Package Product) license, your virtualization rights are the same, and they depend not on how you bought the license, but what tier you bought (Standard vs. Datacenter).

The OEM license is applied to the host, and must be tied to that host. However the guest VMs (2 on Standard, unlimited on Datacenter) do not have any restrictions. Like any guest VM on any other license, they can be migrated to any other host, as long as the destination host has allowance – so if the destination host is Windows Server Standard Edition, it cannot host a third guest VM, but if the destination host is Windows Server Datacenter Edition, the only limitation is based on the available resources (CPUs, RAM, storage).


Myth #3: There are things you can with OEM Editions that you cannot do with VL Editions.

While this is a less common complaint, it is still there. I am told (and I have not really looked into this) that with Windows Server OEM versions (let’s take the HP ROK as an example) you can modify the image to show your logo during the boot-up process. While this is true, I have two points to it:

1) If you know what you are doing you can customize the boot process of any Windows Server installation, regardless of the edition or version.

2) Folks, it’s a server… how often are you rebooting it? Most of my servers (especially virtualization hosts) don’t reboot for months at a time. When they do get rebooted, it either happens at night (when I have scheduled patches) or remotely, when I am not sitting and watching the POST process. I can’t imagine there are too many customers who sit and watch their servers either…


Myth #4: When a reseller consultant sells OEM licenses there is more room for profit.

I am usually very saddened to hear this, but that is mostly because I am not the sort of consultant who makes a lot of money off products; I would rather make my money off my time, and that is what I do. I don’t like hearing that there are resellers who buy a cheaper (and less versatile) option but resells it for the same price as the full version. Aside from the previous point also applying, I am always certain that my customer will find out and call me on it, and I will lose their trust. It is just not worth it to me. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a legitimate issue for some.



There is nothing wrong with OEM licenses, and they are certainly less expensive than other ways of purchasing the operating system. They are just as versatile as non-OEM licenses, but not especially more versatile. If you replace (not upgrade or add more) servers often then they are likely not a good option for you, especially since they don’t add value to the physical server if you resell it. However if you keep your servers for more than a couple of year (as most companies will) then the cost savings might make it worthwhile, and if you do the cost benefit comparison, you might just come out ahead… and that’s CONFIRMED!


Goodbye Vegas: A Friday Post :)

Thanks, I needed that. As I write this I am sitting on a plane outbound from Las Vegas. Aside from spending five marvelous days with great friends, I really needed the vacation. This was, far and away, my most enjoyable trip to that city; part of that is because it is my first visit that wasn’t for business, part because I was better able to afford to enjoy myself with shows, good meals, and so on, and partly because I just needed a few days to sit by the pool and in the hot tub, drinking and smoking cigars and talking to people.

On a number of my previous trips I had ventured out beyond the confines of my hotel/casino/conference centre to golf, eat, and more… but this was the first time I really went out a lot, and I got to see and enjoy a lot of the sights and sounds of one of the most opulent and ridiculous cities in the world.

IMG_0262I have said many times that Las Vegas is a city that was conceived of and engineered with the sole purpose of separating adults from their money, and that perception certainly has not changed. However if you look around the city, and especially the Las Vegas Strip, you can’t help but notice that there is no greater waste of money and resources anywhere in the world.


With that said, it is certainly a great place to spend a few days (although I think my visit was one day longer than it needed to be). Of the four complete days I was there, three days were spent lounging and enjoying myself by the pool. The fourth? Well, Nick and Jenna and I walked along the strip for a couple of hours, and then we got onto the Deuce Bus and headed out to see the Gold and Silver IMG_0272 - CopyPawn Shop of Pawn Stars fame. Before you ask, no I did not buy or sell anything. Although right across the street there is a discount ticket booth for shows, and I bought a dinner and show package for Saturday (the night that Nick and Jenna were doing their own thing). We walked for a bit, and then got back on the bus to return to the Monte Carlo.


If you happen to be a fan of Pawn Stars, it might surprise you that the neighbourhood in which the shop is located is not among the classiest; some of its neighbours include sex clubs, strip shows, and bail bondsmen. I wouldn’t want my kids walking around there alone. However it was a nice experience – we like the show, and seeing it first hand was a nice field trip.

A few weeks ago Jenna asked if I wanted to join them at the Las Vegas Comedy Club (in the V Theatre at Planet Hollywood) for the show, and I said sure. We saw a decent host and opening act, but the resident headliner at the club is a very funny man named Edwin San Juan who had us in stitches. Check him out online at, or on Twitter at @EdwinSanJuanESJ. After the show we went for a late dinner at the Harley Davidson restaurant on the strip, where we were able to enjoy dinner on the patio while people watching (an activity that you have not truly experienced until you do it on the Las Vegas Strip).

IMG_0278Friday was the big day. As the Best Man, Maid of Honour, Ring Bearer, Flower Girl, Photographer, and Witness I can proudly attest that I witnessed Ms. Jenna Dunlap become Mrs. Nick Duratz. She was an absolutely radiant bride, and with the fountain show of the Bellagio in the background it was an incredibly beautiful ceremony conducted by the Reverend Peck. Once the pictures were done we got back into the limo. First we headed to the Las Vegas sign to take some pictures, and then to the Stratosphere Hotel for dinner at Top of the World Restaurant, a magnificent experience on the rotating 106th floor, from which point the rest of Las Vegas looked gorgeous but small. The meal was fabulous – we all had the lobster bisque (which was to die for); I then had a Caesar salad, followed by the third best steak I have ever eaten in North America. We didn’t leave the restaurant much before midnight, and you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice… Jenna had spoken about going clubbing somewhere with one of the Kardashians after dinner (which appealed to me much on a level that root canal surgery might), but we were all absolutely beat. We took a taxi back to the hotel, and although I didn’t go right to bed, I did tone it down a bit.

It always amazes me that I can make temporary friends so easily; it isn’t that I go looking for them (although I am happy to talk to anyone), but they often search me out. That was the case Saturday by the pool, where a group of 25 year olds from Minnesota pulled me into their clique. They had rented a cabana for the day (a colossal waste of my money, but when someone else is spending it is a nice experience). They wouldn’t stop pouring drinks for me – and they were not chintzy with their booze. I am not usually a vodka drinker, but the five Grey Goose & Red Bulls that they poured me went down very nicely, accompanied all the while with a procession of cigars.


Speaking of drinking by the pool, if you have been reading my non-technical articles for any period you will know that I am usually a scotch drinker. None of the bars at the pool stocked single malt scotch. Not a one. I had to make do with gin and tonic (when I was buying), and Grey Goose & Red Bull when the kids were. That is not entirely true; if you follow me on Facebook you will have seen a picture I posted a few days ago of my ‘Vegas Wallet’ – a leather folio with what looks like two cigar tubes, a cutter, and slots for credit cards. On closer inspection though you will discover that it only has one cigar tube; the other tube is actually a flask that I refilled with The Glenlivit 12 in my room every time I went back. It amused me that on the first morning Nick and I went to the pool straight from breakfast with our portable cups of iced tea; Marcus was standing at the pool entrance checking peoples’ bags and preventing them from bringing any outside alcohol in. He wouldn’t let us bring our iced teas in, but even after inspecting the Vegas Wallet he let me in with my scotch! He was actually a really nice guy… I spent a bit of time talking with him, and I was surprised that someone who sees a thousand people or more per day said to me the second time he saw me that ‘Don’t go looking for your room key… I remember you!’

IMG_0296That same day that I met Dean, TJ, and company in the cabana I also met Batman. Okay, his real name is Johnathan, and he is a big hulking African American dude from West Palm Beach. He and I had a great time together, chatting it up and smoking cigars. He was a very easy person to spot… I think the term ‘brick shithouse’ was coined for him. He’s a dude that someone like me looks at and thinks ‘I wouldn’t want to mess with him!’. Nicest guy though, and we laughed it up for two days straight!

If you have never been to Las Vegas you might not appreciate how omnipresent the advertising for shows and such are, but they really are everywhere, starting in the first minute you are off the plane. I probably saw a lot of the usual suspects (Cirque de Soleil, Jersey Boys, Elvis and MJ and Brittney and whoever else) that didn’t phase me before I saw one that stood out, but the minute I saw a billboard for Zombie Burlesque I started mocking it. You can like Burlesque or not (I have never been into it), but as much as some people may like zombies I think the whole concept of them is stupid. So when someone told me on Thursday that they saw it and it was fabulous I didn’t give it much thought. But then a second and a third person said the same thing… and so when it came time to buy a show ticket for Saturday night I said ‘What the Hell?!’ and decided to give it a shot.

The ticket I bought was actually for dinner and a show, so after I checked in at the box office and picked up my ticket, I headed over to Pampas, a Brazilian Barbecue in the Miracle Mile shopping mall. Since I didn’t think to make a reservation I had the option of waiting 90 minutes or sitting at the bar. SOLD, the bar won without a second thought. It was probably the third best Rodizio I’ve been to, behind Fogo de Chao in Sao Paulo and Brasa in Niagara Falls, Canada.


What can I say about Zombie Burlesque? It might well be the most enjoyable show I have ever seen in Las Vegas. To say that I was pleasantly surprised is too much of an understatement… shocked is more like it. There was singing, dancing, comedy, and boobies… all of the components I look for in a burlesque show. The fact that all of the actors were zombies (real ones, I swear!) did not deter from the magnificence of it. I even bought the CD as I walked out… how can you not, with songs like ‘Eating Penis Doesn’t Make You Gay?’ J I am happy I was able to have my picture taken with many of the cast members… look at it, you will see that this is no ordinary cast of players! While I saw that, Nick and Jenna went to Divas Las Vegas, a drag show that they asked if I wanted to join them at which I did not. They then went to a club to hang out with some guy who is apparently the baby daddy of one of the Kardashians. They paid handsomely for this experience, and saw him for precisely two seconds. I can assure you I had a much better time.


The weather Sunday morning did not look promising for lying by the pool, and the forecast predicted rain. Nick, Jenna, and I opted (for the first and only morning) to forego the gluttonous buffet and opted for brunch at the Café, still in the hotel. It was fabulous, and the only breakfast (possibly the only meal) I had in Vegas that I did not feel (too) guilty about. By the time we finished and paid it was around noon, and the sun was doing its best to beat the clouds back. The newlyweds occupied their usual chairs as I lit my first cigar of the day and headed for the hot tub. As had been the case both Thursday and Saturday, a cast of people rotated in and out of the tub throughout the day, and I chatted with many of them. Each day I got out for a few minutes now and then to swim the Lazy River, to talk to more people (Batman, etc…), but for the most part I held court in the hot tub.

When we were done lazing by the pool we got cleaned up and took the bus to Freemont Street, or ‘The Freemont Street Experience.’ I didn’t know what to expect from Old Las Vegas, and was pleasantly surprised by how much more I like walking around there than I do along the Strip. Jenna really wanted to do the Zip Line, and Nick (being married to her) went along. I had no interest, so as they waited in line to get harnessed I walked around taking pictures, and then when it was almost their turn I camped out in a place where I thought I would get the best shot of them plunging to their deaths flying safely through the air from tower to tower.

Did I mention that I love my Digital SLR camera? Some time ago I decided I wanted to get into photography, and having pushed the limits of what my PhD (Press here, Dummy!) camera could do, a couple of months ago I bought a (used) Nikkon D5000 with an 18-105 lens. Wow, what a difference. I was shocked by how incredible it is to shoot with, and while I did not bring it to Chicago a few weeks ago, I certainly brought it to Vegas… complete with tripod. It is the first time I have ever gotten onto a plane when my camera gear outweighed my computer gear… and got much more use during the trip.  I should mention though that all of the pictures in this article were taken with my iPhone camera.  It’s just what is currently available!

With the Duratzes safely back on terra firma we walked to the end of Freemont Street and then back trying to decide where to eat dinner. By this point not only were we hungry, but it was nearly 10:00pm, and I had to go back to the hotel, pack, and try to get some sleep ahead of a 3:30am wake-up call to catch a 6:15am flight. Neither of them had ever heard of the Heart Attack Grill, but I had. While I didn’t really want to gorge myself, they thought it was funny and we should try it. Let me tell you folks, this is a great hamburger. We all stuck to the single patty… they are very clear that if you leave foodIMG_0299 over on your plate they paddle your ass (and if you think I am kidding or that they take it easy on you, let me assure you that during our meal a number of diners were escorted to the tower of shame, strapped in, and the waitresses (sorry… NURSES) spanked them HARD with a paddle. Folks, I am a trained fighter and I know when someone is pulling their punches… these women were taking a running start and the crack of the paddle echoed throughout the restaurant. I was at the same time reminded of two great movie scenes: the first was Animal House, during the initiation scene where the frat boy (I am tempted to say it might have been Kevin Bacon) grabbed his ankles and got whacked, screaming ‘Thank you Sir may I have another?!’ and Biloxi Blues, where the Drill Sergeant (Christopher Walken) examines the trays as the soldiers leave mess and says ‘This is the army, son… we don’t waste food. You take what you want, but you eat what you take.’ Fortunately for Jenna (who failed the test) we were sitting in close proximity to a garbage can, and she was able to destroy the evidence. We all left with our bottoms intact.

The bus ride back to the Monte Carlo was much longer because of traffic. After nearly an hour sitting on the bus and hardly moving we decided to get off at the Bellagio and walk the rest of the way. On the first night I wore a pair of black dress shoes with my suit that I hadn’t worn since probably 2008, and I paid the price… they didn’t fit properly, and my feet were in pain the rest of the week. I was relieved that the other pair of shoes that I brought (my running shoes) are black with black laces, so I wore them every night (I wore sandals during the days) and it’s a good thing too because boy were my feet hurting. I was glad that I was still able to walk between 12,000 and 18,000 steps every day, despite the bad feet, and was also able to wear a suit and tie most nights (Freemont Street didn’t call for it) with the black running shoes and not look too stupid.

So along the way, when all is said and done, I walked about 75,000 steps (42 miles); I smoked 8 cigars (maybe 9). I had about one third of a bottle of The Glenlivet (along with about a score gin & tonics and vodka & Red Bulls). I ate three ridiculously gluttonous and one reasonable breakfast, and three reasonable dinners with two gluttonous ones. I had zero lunches. I saw two shows, I witnessed two friends getting married. I took about 800 pictures, spent about 20 hours by the pool, and applied Coppertone Sport SPF 15 Sunscreen 4 times. I lost exactly how much money I set aside for gambling, and stayed on budget for the rest of my activities. Most importantly, I had ONE amazing time.

Goodbye Vegas; I will see you again soon.


Help! My free storage cannot be used for an iSCSI Virtual Disk!

I have written at length in the past about both Storage Spaces (Storage Pools: Dive right in!) and Software iSCSI Targets (iSCSI Storage in Windows Server 2012), as well as Failover Clusters (See list).  These are all great technologies that IT Professionals should know.

Recently I got an e-mail from a reader who had all of the pieces in place, but he couldn’t create the iSCSI virtual disk.  “…Even though I have plenty of space available, the New iSCSI Virtual Disk Wizard is showing no eligible servers available.  What am I doing wrong?

There is a caveat that I am sure is documented somewhere, but I haven’t seen it.  You cannot create an iSCSI Virtual Disk on a server that has Failover Clustering installed.  Now, this doesn’t actually mean that you cannot have an iSCSI Target Server that is clustered… but unlike the chicken and the egg, we absolutely know which has to come first here… You have to create your iSCSI Virtual Disks before you install Failover Clustering.

I hope this clears things up!


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