What a long, strange trip it’s been!

I can hardly believe that it has been four years since a brash and outspoken yet passionate young man volunteered to help build a user group for IT Pros in Montreal.  After two years at the helm of the Montreal IT Professionals Community (affectionately known as MITPro) I left partly to make way for new blood, partly because I was embarking upon a new career path… one that would take me away from Montreal, initially for extended periods of time and within the year permanently.

Within months of settling in Mississauga I was asked again to volunteer, and nearly a year ago a group of passionate IT Pros sat down to form the IT Professionals Community of Greater Toronto.  Our ‘launch’ was at the Server/SQL 2008 launch event in March, where we told everyone about our first event that we held on March 18th… and while we had a temporary ‘placeholder site’ on the web, we were planning big things for our site, and the passionate group of volunteers planned for that site to be up in time for the April event.

April turned to May, spring into summer and eventually autumn until today, five days until the winter solstice.  The delays were plenty and I am responsible for all of them… from hardware to software and back, until we finally found the combination that worked for us.  It took nearly ten months to get this site up, and I am reminded of the old saying about the shoemaker’s children.

Over the coming weeks you will likely see a number of huge changes to the site because what you see is not the result of months of design efforts, rather of several days but based on an incredible platform – Telligent’s Community Server.  If you are looking for a portal engine I highly recommend it… I have been using their previous version for my personal site for over a year, and love the new one even more.

Speaking of blogging, if you are a member of our community and you’d like to start, drop us a line… we’d be glad to host your blog for you!

See you soon!


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