New York City – End of Day 2

Actually it was our first full day in the city to be sure… but that’s just a technicality.  We drove in yesterday – after sitting in traffic waiting for IMG_0047 the Lincoln Tunnel for two full hours; boy are we glad that we drive a hybrid!  It took another 45 minutes to get to the hotel at 45th and 7th Avenue – we were able to park the car, and plan to leave it thusly until we leave!

Once we were here though… all of the stress of travel dissipated in the quaintness of our modern European-style hotel.  I have been in a lot of hotel rooms and can honestly say that this one (Room Mate Grace) is unique.  It has everything we need, and is extremely efficient in its design.  We cleaned up and hit the town!

Mamma Mia! Theresa and I love the theatre, although we understood that Broadway was dark on Sundays and Mondays.  We quickly discovered that we were wrong, and walked to the new TKTS in Times Square to see what we could get… forget about it!  The line was ridiculous, and we decided to just go to the box office.  The first show Theresa really wanted to see was Mamma Mia, and who am I to say no?  We made reservations at a little Chinese joint next to the Winter Garden Theatre, and lucked out with seats in the Orchestra :)  The show was good… I do not love the music, but everything else about it was excellent.

This morning wee decided to walk to Macy’s… a ten block walk would give us some exercise, and lord knows I need it!  Theresa needed a couple of things, and a friend recommended that we eat at the Cellar at Macy’s… and he has not yet led me wrong. 

For some reason everywhere we have gone – with the exception of TKTS – we have magically avoided any significant waiting.  We walked into the Cellar and were seated right away… 12:45pm, Monday between Christmas and New Years, in the largest department store in the world.  When we finished our very agreeable lunch there were no fewer than thirty people lined up waiting for our table!

From the cellar we rode the escalator up to the top – ten floors up – only to discover that what we were looking for was on the balcony over the first floor.  No matter, it was an adventure… not our first and likely not our last of the day!!

Theresa is there to keep me in line when I tell cashiers that the <fill in the blank> that we are buying was on a shelf marked 50% Off… Carnegie Deli Marquee and she did it again today, only to find out (much to hers and the cashier’s amazement) that this time I was telling the truth!  There really are bargains to be had after Christmas… even at Macy’s!

We walked back from 34th Street to the movie theatre on 42nd.  It was a beautiful warm day and we really enjoyed the walk.  We saw a movie to kill a couple of hours, and then came back to the hotel. 

We decided that lunch was such a success that we would try Jay’s second restaurant recommendation – the Carnegie Deli.  We took a bicycle-powered rickshaw along Avenue of the Americas driven by a young man from West Africa… what a hoot!  I had never done that before, and aside from being much easier to manoeuvre through traffic, it was also a lot of fun! 

Theresa in the RickshawCarnegie’s is certainly not Schwartz’s but it was good… and holy Hanna do they put a lot on your plate!  As Jay suggested we shared a sandwich and a knish, and were FULL!  The place itself was a great experience that everyone should try at least once… though I sympathize with your arteries if you go overboard.

Walking back we realized that not all theatres are dark on Mondays  anymore… we couldn’t get tickets for Jersey Boys for a reasonable amount, and Wicked was sold out.  The third theatre we came across was the Ambassador which had Chicago playing.  I walked up to the box office and the teller liked me… Again he had Orchestra seats (second row!) but only charged me the lowest Balcony rates.  Who says you can’t get anything for a smile and a kind word!?IMG_0035

Chicago was a great show.  I had seen the movie, but Theresa knew nothing but the name.  At intermission she admitted to me that she was enjoying it more than Mamma Mia… even though the seats were not as comfortable… though I promised Eagle One that I would not complain!

We walked back to the hotel and realized what a full day it had been.  We took some pictures as we walked along Broadway into Times Square, and got back to the room in time for us to realize how tired we were.  Tomorrow is another day, and Theresa and I cannot wait to see what it has in store for us… who knows?  We might even get to see Jersey Boys!


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