We’re Moving… and it’s not July 1st!

The World According to Mitch did not start out as a blog, but as e-mail blasts.  When I decided to blog I started The President’s Blog at www.mitpro.ca.  However when I stepped down as leader of that group in January, 2007 I needed to find a new home for it.  For two years mitchgarvis.com hosted The World According to Mitch.  Now as that server is retiring I have the opportunity to move to my new location… www.garvis.ca.

The content is being ported over from the old home, slowly… but it should be done within the week.  I have done my best to set up the RSS feed so that if you are a subscriber then you will not experience any interruptions.

I hope you like the new look… and expect a few more changes coming soon, thanks to the great folks at Telligent… the makers of Community Server, and the new Telligent Community 5.0, which should grace our site shortly.  I fell in love with the platform three years ago (Community Server 2007) and now, four versions later, keep loving the improvements!

As for the theme, I will keep playing until I find one that I like; if you know me you know that I am more about substance… just look at my wardrobe!

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