Windows Automated Installation Kit–Save your time!

Some of you (chiefly those interested in Windows deployment) may have noticed that there seems to be a new Windows AIK available for download today (actually October 28, 2010).  Please DO NOT rush out to download it.  Here’s why, direct from Jeremy Chapman (Windows Deployment & Compatibility, Microsoft Corp):

“The reason for the edit was a bug on the Download Center page; Windows AIK for Windows 7 was mismarked “Version 1.0” until last week.  No other changes were made and the ISO is the same file as was released in July 2009.”

In other words: there is NOTHING new about this file, and the only change is a correction to the download page itself.  If you have the latest version (KB3AIK_EN.ISO, released July 2009) then you will only be wasting bandwidth… and at 1.7GB, you will be wasting a lot of it!

2 thoughts on “Windows Automated Installation Kit–Save your time!

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  1. Hey Mitch,

    As I read this I having a litte deja vu all over again…..oh ya… mentioned this during your “Troubleshooting MDT 2010 LTI” session in Ottawa on Tuesday. Great job to you and Todd, Bill, Pierre and anyone I missed.


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