Windows MultiPoint Server 2011: The future of the classroom and so much more!

One of the things I love about coming to events like TechEd is that I am able to see and learn about new products, as well as meet new friends and reconnect with old ones.  On the second day of TechEd 2011 I had the opportunity to do all three simultaneously!  I interviewed Dean Paron (whom I’ve known for years) and Michael Kleef (whom I met Sunday evening) about Windows MultiPoint Server 2011, a new offering that more than any product I have ever seen blurs the divide between the server and the client.

As a trainer I see this technology as the way every classroom I ever work in should be configured.  It eliminates the need to have a PC at every station, giving way to a simple thin client.  It allows the teacher to control the environment in a way that is both simpler and more robust than any other such tool I have ever seen.  Rather than writing a long, drawn-out explanation, I recorded the video for you to see what I got to see.  Check it out! –M


Mitch interviews Dean & Michael on MultiPoint Server 2011 at TechEd 2011

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