A Leaked Ad pitting Surface versus iPad? I don’t think so…

Ok so this is obviously not really a commercial for the Surface, but I think it’s hilarious!  I do wish that we could all get along though…

Credits (per YouTube site):

Produced by http://www.cinesaurus.com
Edited, VFX by: Steven Hudson (https://twitter.com/hudsonfilm)
Filmed and Music arranged by: David Zimmermann (https://twitter.com/davidzimm)
Concept by: Forest Gibson (https://twitter.com/forestgibson)
Special thanks to Teknoaxe (http://www.youtube.com/teknoaxe) for the royalty-free music!

1 Comment

  1. My kids thought this “ad” this was totally sick (loved it). One put the link on her Facebook page. Watch this non-ad go viral.

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