No Power? What to do…?

As many people do, I have two separate smartphones… one for myself, and one for corporate use. I am contracted to a large bank, and we take IT security seriously. There is no cross-pollination between the two worlds… my personal device has whatever I want on it, but my other device is all business.

I am a Cloud and Systems Architect with the bank, which means that during the day I have some pretty solid responsibilities, but my nights are my own. As such, when I leave the office at 5pm (or thereabouts) my work phone is mostly silent. Now that we are all working from home, that means the work device gets plugged in to charge in my home office, to be ignored until the following morning.

My morning routine consists of several constants. I walk the dog, I make a cup of coffee and check my personal cell phone while enjoying my java, either at the dining room table, or on beautiful mornings like this one, on my patio. However, before that, I grab my work phone… I want to be sure that there are no fires to put out, no last-minute early meetings, and so on. If you work in the field (or early any field for that matter where you don’t punch a clock) you know exactly what I mean. My corporate device battery will be fully charged, so if anything pops up during my ‘me-time’ I can get right on it.

This morning I grabbed the phone from the office and noticed it had not charged. In fact, the battery was at 1%… which usually means ‘press three buttons and watch me die!’


I could, had I been willing, change my patio plans to the dining room… but why waste the opportunity to enjoy G-D’s beautiful creations? I wanted to enjoy my java overlooking the city. Unfortunately, I might not be able to enjoy it for long, considering I would have to Chargé my phone indoors.

ChargeTech to the rescue!

I have had my ChargeTech Portable Power Bank for nearly four years (I first wrote of it here), and have used it for so many reasons and in so many places (from the beaches of Cuba for my iPad to outdoor patios the world over for my laptop). It really comes in handy, being able to charge all of my USB or other battery-powered devices wherever I am.  Just last week I was in Havana, and the power in my neighbourhood went out (as is apt to happen in Havana from time to time).  Rather than concern myself, I brought my ChargeTech PPO with me to the café down the street, and I was able to charge both my phone and my iPad while enjoying a lovely coffee (prepared over fire). 

It was a beautiful day to sit on my patio and enjoy my coffee with a view, and I was not going to let a dead battery get in the way of that. In the time it took me to write this article (about 16 minutes) my iPhone’s battery charged to 58%… more than enough to make it through the entire day, let alone a cup of coffee.

For more information about ChargeTech devices, visit and tell them I sent you! They are currently having a sale on their 27,000 and 54,000 mAh power packs, which should help ease the pain a bit during our quarantines and lock-downs.

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