Laptops and laptops!

Many of you have pinged me in the last few days to tell me you are still waiting to read a review of my new laptop… the HP Envy 14 (Beats Edition).  and let me tell you, it is one kick-arse machine!  The review has been somewhat delayed due to a couple of professional obligations that have kept me somewhat busier than usual in the last two weeks.

One thing I had almost forgotten is the vastly different experience between consumer laptops and corporate laptops, and what reminded me of this was firstly the differences between my old laptop and my new HP Envy.  The old machine was definitely built for business, and the Envy is definitely meant for the consumer.  The very few things that irk me about the Envy are very clearly chalked up to that.

With that in mind, I asked a contact at HP to hook me up for a few weeks with a shiny new HP EliteBook, a truly business-class laptop.  Within the next week or so you will be reading two different reviews of two very different laptops – both excellent machines and their purpose, both definite buy recommendations.  However I will outline the differences between the two so that when it is time for you to buy your next laptop – whether it is completely professional and you need that functionality, or if you want the cool factor with the high-end sound and graphics – you will be able to do so from an informed position!

Stay tuned…


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