HP Experts Day!

From January 11th to the 12th, HP will be hosting an “Expert Day” event on its forums. This is focused on HP desktops, notebooks, Windows and printers. HP experts will be joined by Microsoft MVPs helping HP users around the world.  It is really a great opportunity to get help for your systems.  They will be sharing their knowledge on the best ways to:

  • Troubleshoot the issue you are having;
  • Set up a Wireless network;
  • Use your ePrint/AirPrint capable printer;
  • Tweak your product to increase performance;
  • Safeguard your PC from viruses and spyware;
  • Choose the right video card, power supply, or add the right amount of memory; or
  • Use the tools built into your product that can make it run better and fix common problems.

And it is free!

Doesn’t matter how old the product is or what it is connected to. They will do their best to help.

To find out more read the official announcementat hp.com.


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