The Right-Wing Rabbi…

For those of you politicos the title is VERY deceiving.  It’s about hockey, not politics.

I met Rabbi Stephen Wise in the months leading to the birth of my son, Gilad.  He is the spiritual leader of Congregation Shaarei Beth El in Oakville, Ontario.  Since I’ve known him we have had a friendly rivalry, as I am a fan of the Montreal Canadiens (the Habs!) and he is a fan of the TOronto Maple Leafs (the Laffs).  We tease each other mercilessly (okay, it is mostly one-sides, since he is a spiritual leader, and my team wins more games than his) but it is all in good fun.

Recently the Rabbi was interviewed on Leafs TV.  It is very exciting, even though he’s not a fan of the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge.  I suppose I can’t fault him… as a Jew I am still fiercely proud of the Blue and White… although our star has six points Smile

You can see his clip on-line here.  Of course Rabbi, it is still early in the season, but I still think it would be a safe bet for your Leafs to book early plane tickets home following the last game of the season!


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