An Real Honour from a True Geek Leader

Earlier in the week I received a Direct Message on Twitter from Jeff Wouters.  He is one of the IT Pro bloggers that I make a point of referencing whenever I can.  He is out of the Netherlands, and one of three IT Pros out of that country that I know and REALLY respect.

So when Jeff pinged me and asked if I would mind if he put The World According to Mitch on his Blog Roll, I was truly honoured.  Although I didn’t actually have a blog roll until then, Jeff’s honouring me prompted me to add one, and his blog (Jeff Wouters’s Blog) holds the current top spot.

Thanks Jeff!


One response to “An Real Honour from a True Geek Leader”

  1. Hi Mitch,
    I’m joining you in the club for people that are feeling honoured 😉
    Thanks for adding me, on the top spot even! 🙂

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