Creating a Virtual Machine from VM Templates and ISOs using System Center (Video)

If you are starting to use System Center Essentials (or, for that matter, System Center Virtual Machine Manager) to manage your virtual environment, then you can save a lot of time creating virtual machines by using VM Templates to build and configure the virtual machines, and ISO files stored in Virtual Machine Libraries to deploy the operating system.  This video goes through these processes to show you how, without any customization or scripts, you can simplify your life.

I should mention that I did not deploy this virtual machine into a cluster, which would be slightly different.  At a certain point I make mention that I am making my life easier by not attaching the new virtual machine to a virtual network.  This is because I have added the the non-clustered host that I deploy to as a host in System Center Essentials, but the virtual networking was configured in the host itself and has not yet been configured in SCE.

I have cut several minutes of ‘hurry up and wait’ time – watching the progress bar – from the video.  You will still be watching for a minute, as the seven steps required to create and deploy the new VM are completed.  Know that this is not real time!

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