A Dead HP Laptop?

A friend came to visit from Montreal today, and asked if I would mind taking a look at the laptop I sold him (used) nearly five years ago.  It is an old HP OmniBook with a Pentium III processor, which has served Rick faithfully for the last few years, and before that belonged to a client who traded it in.  Before I turned it over to Rick I popped in a shiny new 30GB Hard Drive – a Hitachi Travelstar.

CLICK CLICK CLICK went the hard drive.  I knew right then, but decided to give it a full try.  There was unfortunately no resuscitating this hard drive… I declare the disk dead and gone.  (Rick, being paranoid, will still have it demagnetized and shredded… he works in security and knows what we can do!)

With Rick’s requirements being what they are that a P3 has sufficed him all these years, I pulled a used laptop off the shelf for him, and he will be happy with it once I can put a new install of Windows 7 on it.

Now, as you can imagine I do not have a whole lot of use for anything that has a Pentium III in it… it just doesn’t have the computing power I need for anything useful.  With that being said, HP makes some of the best and sturdiest laptops in the world, and because I have the parts to do it at no cost I will, just to be able to say I did, pop in a new (used) 100GB Seagate drive that I had lying around… and when I say lying around, it is blank for a reason Winking smile

I don’t know what I will do with the OmniBook… it’s a great computer that is just a few years beyond it’s prime.  Were it a horse it would have been put out to pasture long since, but I’ll bet that if I can dig up the right operating system I can think of one or two uses for the old girl…

…or should I see if Windows 7 will run on something this old?  Stay tuned and we’ll see!

Thanks Rick… for inspiring a blog article and a pet project!


2 responses to “A Dead HP Laptop?”

  1. Harvey Schoenman Avatar
    Harvey Schoenman

    Run Linux w/o a GUI.

    1. Thanks Harvey, but I think I’ll simply stick to an older Windows edition.

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