Are You Intune? You can be for only $99!

If you are with a Microsoft Partner in Canada, then this training is for you!  I will be delivering a one-day hands-on class on Windows Intune: Implementing and Supporting Technical Training across Canada.  Because it is sponsored by the Microsoft Partner Network the cost for this one-day session is just $99… and that includes breakfast and lunch!

The schedule for the day is broken down into four modules, each with their own lab:

Module 1: Windows Intune Overview

  • Solution Cloud Services and Windows 7
  • Windows Intune and Support for Windows 7 Fits Your Business
  • Comparing Windows Intune with Other Products
  • Windows Intune Geographic Availability
  • Signing Up for Windows Intune
  • Overview of the Windows Intune Administrator Console
  • Types of Administrator
  • Managing and Securing PCs in Any Location by Using Windows Intune
  • Windows Intune Workspaces
  • Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack
    Lab 1: Learning Account Basics for Windows Intune

Module 2: Managing Windows Intune Client Computers

  • Understanding Groups
  • Using Groups
  • The Windows Intune Update Process
  • Update States
  • Managing Updates
  • Working with Non-Microsoft Updates
  • Deploying Updates
  • Windows Intune Policy Concepts
  • Windows Intune Policy Templates
  • Creating and Deploying Windows Intune Policies
  • Managing Endpoint Protection
  • Installing over Existing Antivirus Software
  • Best Practices for Creating and Deploying Windows Intune Policies
    Lab 2: Managing Groups, Policies, and Updates
  • Module 3: Deploying and Installing the Windows Intune Client

  • Windows Intune System Requirements
  • The Windows Intune Client Installation Package
  • Using the Installation Executable (.EXE) File
  • Lab 3A: Installing the Windows Intune Client
  • Working with the Windows Installer (.MSI) Files
  • Best Practices for Working with Client Installation Files
  • Windows Intune Deployment Routes
  • The Standard Windows Intune Client Installation Process
  • The Offline Windows Intune Client Installation Process
  • Windows Intune Components
  • Troubleshooting a Windows Intune Client Installation
  • Uninstalling a Windows Intune Client
  • Removing Windows Intune Client Components
    Lab 3B: Validating a Windows Intune Client Installation

Module 4: Deploying software to Windows Intune Clients

  • Software deployment overview
  • Software deployment considerations
  • Installing the Windows Intune Software Publisher
  • Preparing software installation files
  • Uploading and configuring the deployment package
  • Client download and installation
  • Monitoring deployment status
  • Best Practices
    Lab 4: Software Deployment through Windows Intune
    Monday, November 21, 2011: Toronto, ON
    Tuesday, November 22, 2011: Montreal, QC
    Thursday, November 24, 2011: Vancouver, BC
    Friday, November 25, 2011: Calgary, AB
    Spaces are limited so book now… I look forward to seeing you there!

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