Command Line Switches

One of the skills that you will need to know to be good at Desktop Deployment using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT 2010) is the ability to discover and maintain a list of command line switches that you use frequently.  At the request of some of my students, I am going to post a few of my more common ones here.

Adobe Acrobat Reader 10

install_reader10_en_air_gtbd_aih /sAll /rs /l /msi"/qb-! /norestart ALLUSERS=1 EULA_ACCEPT=YES SUPPRESS_APP_LAUNCH=YES”

Adobe Flash Player 11: msiexec /i "install_flash_player_11_active_x.msi" /qb-!

Adobe Shockwave Player: msiexec.exe /i "sw_lic_full_installer.msi" /qb-!

Cisco WebEx: msiexec /i "atmcie.msi" /qb-!

Cisco AnyConnect: msiexec /i "WinSetup-Release-web-deploy.msi" /qb-!

Sun Java v6 u22: jre-6u22-windows-i586-s.exe /passive

Microsoft Visio Viewer: visioviewer.exe /quiet

This is the list I have on hand… If I come across more I will post them in this space… and if you have any you would like to add, just put them into your comments of e-mail them to me and I will add them in!


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