Desktop Virtualization Debate!

I’ll be there… will you?  VDI is important, and this session from Citrix and Microsoft is a must see for you if you are thinking about it! -M

Live, uncensored and truly unplugged discussion of the merits of desktop virtualization.

March 20, 2012  |  2:00pm – 3:15pm EST

Click HERE to register!

You’ve seen the "Wow" of desktop virtualization now learn the "How", and more importantly, "Why"!

Join Citrix and Microsoft for this open forum and hear from a former IT executive as he puts the Citrix and Microsoft team on the spot. You will see first-hand the unedited and uncensored realities of this technology. Hear about the benefits, best practices and ultimate payoff of implementing desktop virtualization.
Attend and find out:

  • Who is best suited for desktop virtualization
  • What you need to know when migrating
    to Windows 7

Why it’s important to consider the Microsoft and Citrix solution


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