Free? Downloaders Beware!

In my last post I told you about some free downloads which are being given away by the company that makes them.  I have worked with this company’s software before, and there is nothing you need to be worried about.  However most of the stiff offered ‘free’ on the Internet has a cost to it… and sometimes it is a pretty hefty cost. 

Erdal Ozkaya is not only a good friend, he is also a leading trainer in IT Security in the land down under.  If you can get beyond his accent (which is actually quite charming!) and the fact that he probably eats vegemite (which is actually quite putrid) he is a real authority on matters such as malware protection, ethical hacking, and penetration testing.  He just published an article on his site called Free stuff, from the net! Think twice! which is worth a read for all of you… especially if you (like the rest of us) sometimes see offers on-line that just seem too good to be true.

I like the fact that in his article he is showcasing the protection capabilities of Windows Intune Endpoint Protection, which is part of the Microsoft Windows Intune package that I have been telling you about for over a year.  Erdal spoke at TechEd in Atlanta on the product, and is really quite authoritative.  Read the article, follow his blog, now take it… and go! Smile


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