Get Your Head in the Cloud!

In case you missed it, Microsoft released the System Center 2012 bundle a few weeks ago.  Well after the incredible success of Microsoft Canada’s IT Pro Virtualization Boot Camp we have decided to do it again! Starting this week Microsoft Canada, the IT Evangelism Team, and a select group of MVPs will be presenting two events in cities across the country!

Private Cloud Boot Camp

Do you keep hearing the term Private Cloud wherever you go? Are you curious to understand how you can enable Private Cloud in your organization? Curious to understand how System Center 2012 can be used to enable self-service for you organization while allowing you to maintain control of the environment? Want to understand how to manage all of your virtualization hosts from a single toolset? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you need to be at the Private Cloud Boot Camp.

The Private Cloud Boot Camp provides a full-day, hands-on experience where you will learn about these topics and more in a fun and collaborative environment:

  • Understand the System Center 2012 offering and Microsoft’s vision for Private Cloud
  • Configure System Center 2012 to manage a Private Cloud infrastructure
  • Create virtual machine and service templates to support the Private Cloud environment
  • Enable self-service allowing users to provision their infrastructure within established policies and service offerings
  • Monitor your Private Cloud infrastructure using System Center Operations Manager 2012
  • Automatically respond to critical incidents and remediate issues without human intervention
  • See how new functionality in Windows Server 2012 will provide additional capabilities to help take your Private Cloud to the next level

Private Cloud Boot Camps are currently scheduled in the cities listed below.  Click on the city or date to register for the event nearest you.

    I will be at the events in Mississauga, Calgary, Ottawa, and Montreal.  I know, I would have loved to do all of them, but scheduling conflicts prevented it – I am teaching (in Toronto) the week of the Vancouver events, speaking (in New Orleans) the day of the Edmonton event, and will be at TechEd (in Orlando) for the Winnipeg event.  Please know though that I still love your cities, and will be back soon!

Windows Server 2012 Install Camps

Here’s your opportunity to install Windows Server 2012 on your own notebook computer and learn how to take advantage of many of the new features of Windows Server 2012 from Microsoft evangelists, MVPs and experts in your region (and from across the country).  We’ll even provide you with a USB key to help make the install an easy and quick experience!

A Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Install Camp event will show you how to

  • build your private cloud, offer private cloud services, or securely connect to public cloud services.
  • increase your efficiency, availability, and manageability.
  • leverage an open application and web platform for the datacenter and the cloud.

If you are an IT Professional or partner excited about the upcoming release of the Windows Server 2012 technology you need to register and learn about Windows Server 2012 first-hand!

Register now for the Windows Server 2012 Install Camps near you by clicking on the city name and date.  These are evening events in all cities starting at 7pm and going until 9pmArrive starting at 6:30pm to get a good seat and setup your notebook!

Again, I will be in Mississauga, Montreal, and Calgary for these events… I just couldn’t get to all of these cities this time around.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the events in your city, and remember: space is limited so sign up now! The $25 registration cost goes directly to supporting your local user group, so in a way… you are paying yourself forward!


One response to “Get Your Head in the Cloud!”

  1. My experience with both tauhgt me they are vastly different in what they do and how they do it. A cloud you can configure hardware on the fly, increase hd space, cpu, etc. a cluster is more like a big computer made up of servers, great to load-balance and redundancy applications. Honestly, I don’t think they can be properly compared, like apples and oranges really; I’m yet to hear a cloud load-balancer but there might be one out there.

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