More Software Giveaways!

I love it when companies ping me and ask me to give stuff away for them, especially when they are good packages that I use on a regular basis – such as the WinX DVD Ripper (Platinum) v6.85.  Angie from WinX just sent me a whole slew of packages to give away, and since the first giveaway that we did was such a hit, I wanted to do it again.  Also hey, we have something to celebrate here… This week-end (despite my taking a couple of weeks off of blogging because of sheer busy) The World According to Mitch hit another milestone… our 50,000th hit.  I want to thank all of my loyal readers for helping me to achieve that incredible number.

So to celebrate, I am again going to give out five (5) licensed copies of WinX DVD Ripper (Platinum) v6.8.5** – the latest and greatest – to people who comment on my blog.  It can be anything – let me know that you like an article, or just comment ‘Hey I’d like to win!’ – as long as your e-mail address is connected to your comment (it will be hidden).

So the guidelines are simple… comment, make sure I can get in touch with you.  On any day (starting today) that this blog hits 150 hits I will give away a prize to someone who comments.  Want to win?  Tell me!

Good luck, and happy Spring/50,000th hit!


**Software giveaways will not be hard copies, but will be fully licensed software codes already in the possession of the writer.  These copies are given away freely with the permission and endorsement of the software vendor.  They are distributed by The World According to Mitch, and not by any company or corporate entity that the writer may work for or contract for.  Odds of winning are directly related to the number of valid entries received.  The winners will be chosen at random according to the terms stated in the contest, however the selection process will be at the discretion of the writer, and his decisions are final and not subject to any audit process.  There are five licenses of the software to be given away beginning on Wednesday May 10th, 2012.

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10 responses to “More Software Giveaways!”

  1. Mitch,

    I enjoy reading anything that you write. I hope that I win one of the free software packages.

    Have you posted anything in your FitBit diary lately?


    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks! Good luck! I have been very bad on my FitBit the last two weeks… I jogged once, but other than that the most steps I have done were because of airports. I’ll be back on track tomorrow! -M

  2. Mitch, congratulation on the 50,000 hit mark. Way to GO!

  3. Congratulation on the 50,000 hit mark. Way to Go!

    1. Thanks Velvet! Good luck! 🙂

  4. Hey Mitch! I want to win the Rippah!!

    Off to do 70-662 soon over at triOS.


    1. Hey Steve! Good luck – both with the exam and the giveaway! -M

  5. Hi Mitch, from a fellow GK instructor to another; I actually need a reliable (that is full) Ripper package. I want to win!


  6. From one GK instructor to another; I need a valid Ripper app. I need to win! First time to your blog site Mitch, nice…

  7. Test…please ignore~Having Gravatar issues~ Test, please ignore…

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