Fair Winds and Following Seas…

For the last seven years I have been in awe of Michael Niehaus and the work that he has done on Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (nee Business Desktop Deployment).  When I met him five years ago I was in awe, and am glad to have had the opportunity to get to know him over the past few years.

Michael announced on his blog yesterday that he will be leaving the MDT team to join the Windows organization as a product marketing manager for enterprise deployment. (See post http://blogs.technet.com/b/mniehaus/archive/2012/08/02/one-journey-ends-another-begins.aspx)

I am sad that Michael is leaving the team, and wish him luck in his new role (where I expect I will still be able to work with him occasionally).  At the same time I want to wish him luck in his new role.  He is one of the good guys at Microsoft.

There was a time when my impression of Microsoft Deployment had two faces: Tim Mintner and Michael.  Tim left a couple of years ago, and then there was Michael.  And now there is a void.

Good luck to you Michael… I look forward to hearing all about the great new endeavours you will be working on… and I am glad you will still be blogging!


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