Are you a Microsoft Certified Professional?

Microsoft Certified Professional
The MCP logo (since 2002)

As we celebrate twenty years of Microsoft Learning, it is amazing to see some of the changes that the certification program has gone through.  I remember the first day I was ever able to call myself a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).  It was March 31, 2003, and I was ecstatic!

When Microsoft Learning unveiled the new (now old) certifications model in 2006 the MCP was supposed to be retired.  Not the program itself, but the actual cert.  We would still log into to access our accounts, but if you passed any of the new exams you would now be an MCTS or an MCITP, but not an MCP.

I sat down with Erica Cravens of Microsoft Learning recently and she explained to me that with the newest iteration of Microsoft certifications, the MCP designation is back.  If you pass an exam from Microsoft Learning, you will earn the MCP credential, as well as the right to use that logo.

Speaking of logos, I am holding out hope that there is a new logo in our future… maybe as an anniversary present next year marking 10 years as an MCP for me Smile


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