Two Factor Authentication for Office 365!

NOTE: I did not write this article; in fact, it is copied word for word from an e-mail I received from Scorpion Software.  However it is a solution I do believe in.  I am not selling for Scorpion Software, nor do I receive any benefit from their sales, nor are the links herein set to track you back to me.  I am friends with the owner of the company and a couple of their developers, but have not been asked to post this (nor have I been promised any remuneration for doing so). –Mitch

You can now use AuthAnvil to protect and streamline access to the cloud. We’re offering the world’s first strong, fully independent two-factor authentication and single sign-on solution for Office 365.

AuthAnvil for Office 365 provides maximum access security for your cloud-based services, plus the efficiency of logging in just once to access Office 365 throughout the day:

  • Available for all Microsoft’s Office 365 plans, including their P1 and P2 plans for small businesses.
  • Doesn’t require ADFS or DirSync – Microsoft’s complex system that requires extra servers and can take days to implement.

We invite you to attend our free webinar and visit our AuthAnvil for Office 365 page to learn more.

Phone: 1-888-407-4285 ext. 701
Free webinar: Introducing AuthAnvil for Office 365
We invite you to attend our free webinar and get a hands-on look at how you can gain
cloud-based trust with on-premise control.
September 24 at 10am PDT
Sign up for the free webinar >>


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