System Center VMM Supported Hosts

When I was asked in class recently what type of virtualization hosts are supported by System Center 2012 though Virtual Machine Manager I readily answered off the top of my head.  Unfortunately one of my students went on-line to search for confirmation of this, and came up with a TechNet article that gave a conflicting answer (

While it does conflict with my answer, I have tried all of the environments that I listed and they all work just fine.  So here is my list of supported hosts in System Center 2012 SP1.


  • Windows Server 2012 (full installation, Server Core, or MinShell)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 (full installation or Server Core)


  • ESXi 5.1
  • ESXi 5.0
  • ESX 4.1
  • ESXi 4.1
  • ESX 4.0
  • ESXi 4.0


  • XenServer 6.1
  • XenServer 6.0
  • Citrix XenServer – Microsoft System Center Integration Pack
    I hope this clears the air…

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