Lock Screen in Windows Phone 8

One of my pet peeves in Windows Phone 7 was that the Lock Screen apps were set for you according to the order in which you configured them.  Because I had run into that issue in Windows Phone 7, I had no reason to think it was any different in Windows Phone 8.  Fortunately I was looking for something else and came across the Quick Status Configuration that lets you do just that!

Under Settings click Lock Screen.

In Lock Screen  scroll down to Choose apps to show quick status



As you can see, you can click on any of these icons and choose what to put in.  I like the default… Phone, Text, and my three most important mail accounts.  However as I have more than just the three, I get to choose which ones are on the lock screen, and in which position.

Thanks for listening Windows Phone guys!



2 responses to “Lock Screen in Windows Phone 8”

  1. I can’t say I am totally convinced by Windows 8 in any of the formats I have seen it in (phone or normal computer).

    To me it has the feel of an intermediate operating system, a bit like Windows Vista.

    The next version may be more polished, but for now I really don’t get why anyone would upgrade?

    On the phone front why not just get an iPhone… Face it, IOS is better.

    1. While I agree that anyone running Windows 7 may not need to upgrade, there are still a lot of people on Windows XP and for them it is time. As for iOS I strongly disagree, but that is not the point of the article 😉

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