You may think doing it on the ground is hard, but…

Since my return to Martial Arts five years ago I have posted several videos and pictures of my breaking boards and bricks.  It is really less impressive than it looks, although I do not encourage you to try it without the proper training and supervision.  In fact I recently scolded one of my students who told me she decided to attempt a break that she had not been successful at in the gym… at home and unsupervised.

With that being said, we make it look impressive, but it is just something we are trained to do.  The following video falls well outside of that training… at least, for – ANY OF US!

Ernie Torres is a skydiving instructor, a Black Belt in Karate, and a member of the United States Navy.  Mr. Torres recently combined two of his passions – skydiving and karate – to break the record for boards broken in a free fall (yes, such a record exists, and now sits at 14).  I give him full credit… I wouldn’t do it!


Have a great week-end folks! –M

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