Cisco Nexus 1000V for Microsoft Hyper-V now available!

I have been talking to you about it for several months, and am thrilled to tell you that it is now available… RTM for the Cisco Nexus 1000V for Microsoft Hyper-V was announced at Microsoft TechEd North America today.  Here is the complete announcement from the Cisco Nexus 1000V Product Management Team –M


Cisco Cloud Networking and Services Platform team is excited to announce the availability of Cisco Nexus 1000V for Microsoft Hyper-V as a part of our hypervisor-agnostic cloud networking strategy. This represents a major milestone for the Nexus 1000V platform which already has more than 7000 customers.  

We are also shipping Virtual Services Gateway (VSG) and Virtual Network Management Center ( VNMC)  for Hyper-V. With this introduction, enterprise and cloud provider customers will be able to extend Nexus experience to Hyper-V virtual environments. Learn More

Industry Award


The Nexus 1000V is already a winner – Winner of Best of Microsoft TechEd 2013 award in the Virtualization Category TODAY.

We are also happy to announce our first production customer – a large financial enterprise, deploying Nexus 1000V for Hyper-V this week.

Cisco Nexus 1000V for Microsoft Hyper-V Solution Highlights

· Advanced NX-OS features and associated partner ecosystem to Windows Server 2012

· Consistent operational model across hypervisors (vSphere & Hyper-V)

· Innovative network services architecture (via vPath) to support secure multitenant environments

· Tight integration with Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) and System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) as well as support for PowerShell


Cisco Nexus 1100 Cloud Services Platform also supports Nexus 1000V for Hyper-V to host VSM and VSG virtual appliances.

Features and Functionality




L2-Switching, PVLANs, QoS, ACLs, port security etc.


DHCP snooping, Dynamic ARP Inspection, and IP source guard


NetFlow, packet statistics, SPAN, and ERSPAN


SNMP, NetConf, syslog, REST-APIs etc.

Virtual services

vPath architecture to enable services like VSG etc.

Note: Nexus 1000V feature-set will be consistent across all hypervisors

Pricing and Orderability

Nexus1000V pricing is consistent across hypervisors. Nexus 1000V for Microsoft Hyper-V is available in two editions:

· Essential edition is available at no-cost

· Advanced edition (includes VSG for Hyper-V) is available at $695/CPU

Nexus 1000V for Hyper-V sales qualify for Q4, 2013 Nexus 1000V Sales Incentive Program For ordering assistance, please refer to Cisco Nexus 1000V for Hyper-V Ordering Guide

Paper License

Electronic License




Nexus 1000V CPU Advanced License Qty.  1-Pack



Nexus 1000V CPU Advanced License Qty.  4-Pack



Nexus 1000V CPU Advanced License Qty.16-Pack



Nexus 1000V CPU Advanced License Qty.32-Pack

More Information

Nexus 1000V for Hyper-V with Microsoft SCVMM integration w/ live demo



We are also planning for a joint Cisco/Microsoft webinar during the week of June 17th. Please look out for the calendar invites.



· Cisco Nexus 1000V for Hyper-V internal field portal:

· Cisco Nexus 1000V for Hyper-V external page:

· Cisco Nexus 1000V Public Community:

· Cisco-Microsoft partnership page:



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