Do You VDI? You should…

Over the past few months I have been doing more and more work in VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.  Recently I wrote an editorial piece for titled VD Why? VD Sigh… or VD Aye!

VDI has the potential to save organizations immense amounts of money, but some of those savings would be wasted if the environment is not planned and architected with all efficiencies taken into consideration.

For several years now I have been discussing the secure, well-managed IT infrastructure and the savings realized by doing VDI right are serious.  We have to start by knowing an understanding the components available to us.

Today I will be presenting a webinar for the BrightTALK Virtualization Summit.  I am calling it Actual Reality: Desktop Virtualization Solutions from Microsoft.  I will discuss all of the components available to build a homogeneous Microsoft VDI environment.

While Microsoft’s OS and productivity applications have been components of the VDI landscape for years, but until recently any environment larger than a few score desktops required a third party provider (usually Citrix) to provide and manage the infrastructure. 

While Microsoft is a relatively newcomer to the game, they have the background and products to do it right.  I will be discussing these components during the webinar.

Got 45 minutes? I hope you will join us!  Register at now to ensure your place.  I will be taking questions of course, but I am hoping to continue the conversation in this space over the next few months.  Let’s discuss it and get you on board!

Register now at


One response to “Do You VDI? You should…”

  1. Always enjoy your blog, keemo-sabeh. We are thinking along the same lines on VDI. It seems to have come of age in Server 2012. Personally, I am not overwhelmed by the cost savings, especially for small business, my metier, buit I am excited about the infrastructure management potential. It means I can offer my clients a total separation of work and personal use of their PC. I’m tired of fighting the battle of “once you connect to the corporate network, you are bound by corporate responsibilities for security and data control, even if it’s your own machine that spends much of its time playing games and balancing your chequebook.” Now anyone with a personal-use machine can just VDI into an entirely separate, righidly locked down environment for work, and just window over to Angry Birds on his native machine. It’s a piece of cake to build an absolute barrier to data cross-contamination, and both users and system admins can have the best of both worlds.

    Same solution for company-owned Desktop PCs on-site. If users insist on facebooking and playing with their photo collections, and bosses can’t or won’t stop them, give them VDI for work (the only place they can get company documents or collaborate with colleagues) and do as they like with the local machine.

    Ain’t it grand? Technology generates these ongoing headaches, then comes along with the perfect solution.

    Happy VDI-ing (if that can ever be a verb)

    David Pike

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