How Do I Become an MCT?

Recently I wrote a piece on the Benefits of Being a MCT.  I got an interesting comment from one reader that they keep moving the bar.  I know that I have spoken with this reader before, and she lamented the extreme costs associated with becoming certified, especially in North America.  She also asked if it was still the case that you have to be certified for at least a year before applying for the MCT.  Although I had never heard of this requirement it did sound plausible, and I decided to investigate.

I’m afraid that she is right… the requirements have been changed a few times in the years since I became an MCT.  Unfortunately (from my standpoint) they have become far too lenient… but that is a conversation for another day.

Of course it makes sense that the requirements change – certifications change as the products and solutions evolve.  When I became an MCT I did so on the basis of being a Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) on Windows Server 2003.  As that is no longer current technology I assume it would not qualify me for the program… or would it?  I don’t know; as I stated, the requirements keep changing, and the bar has been set pretty low of late.

For a complete list of requirements (and benefits) you can visit the page on Microsoft Learning’s website.  This page outlines the benefits, requirements, and the application process.  I remember going through the process in August of 2006, wondering if I was going to be accepted, and thrilled when I was.  In fact I am still thrilled… the MCT designation has done wonders for my career, and it can do the same for yours!  Go ahead and apply… it will be the best Four Hundred Dollars you spend this year! 🙂


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