Mistakes Happen… Please let me know when they do! :)

In August, 2008 I wrote an article called The Vasa – Learn from History! It talked about the Vasa Museum in Stockholm and I drove a direct line from that doomed ship to the IT industry.  It was well received, and according to the statistics the article has been read by thousands of people in the nearly six and a half years since it was published.

This past week-end a friend of mine mentioned that he was heading to Sweden, and I told him to look up Sweden on my blog for suggestions of places to go.  I know that I had written a number of articles about the country, and thought he might benefit from it.

I make mistakes… we all do.  As careful as I am with my articles, every so often a typo or other error gets through.  Usually they are pointed out within minutes or hours… but if I do not hear about it within a week it is fairly safe to assume that either there are no errors, or that the errors I did make were pretty obscure (or in some cases that simply nobody is reading that article) .  Either way, it is not going to be pointed out.

Peter read this article and e-mailed me to commend me on it… and he pointed out a mistake.  It was pretty glaring – I wrote the ship sailed in 1968 instead of 1628.  On the one hand, what is 340 years between friends; on the other hand, the ship was commissioned (according to my article) in 1625, and for it to take three years to build is reasonable.  Had it taken 343 years to build, well that would require a special kind of laziness.

I am always happy to hear when I made a mistake.  I read and appreciate every comment to the blog, whether I publish them or not.  Please feel free to scrutinize my work and let me know when I get it wrong, whether that is a typo or a concept.  I will either take the appropriate action, or respond in why I disagree with you.  Either way, I appreciate you reading the pieces!


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