A New Year… A new me?


You may have noticed that although this article is all about the new year, it is not my first article of 2018.  In fact, the article I published prior to this one was written the week between Christmas and New Years… and I felt that publishing then might have been less than beneficial.

So as I type these words it is Tuesday January 2nd, and I am back in my office in Ottawa, after having enjoyed a wonderful week (10 days really) in and around the GTA (That’s the Greater Toronto Area, for those of you unfamiliar).  I spent time with friends, family, and loved ones.  I did more driving than I would have liked, and did not eat nearly as well as I would have liked.  I relaxed, I ran around.  All in all, it was a typical holiday week.

I have a lot of plans for this year, and I am hoping to be able to achieve a lot of goals.  I am not one for New Years Resolutions… but I am hoping to get a few things going.  One of these is to blog more often than I have been.  I remember the dedication I put into this site when I was at my peak, and the past two years I have, compared to 2012-2014, been positively neglectful.  That stops now.  I cannot promise a blog article every day, but I would like to aim for two articles per week… one technical, one non-technical.  Let’s see how that goes.

Once again, I would like to thank my loyal readers… without you, I am nothing!


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