Office 365 Distribution List Question

Hey Mitch! Do you know if we can add a couple hundred users to a distribution list instead of adding them one by one?

One of my help desk techs was asked to create several distribution lists with several hundred users, and they do not want to have to scroll through the user list to click each user one by one.  Of course there is a solution… PowerShell!  It is pretty easy to do…

Firstly, you need to create a .csv file.  Let’s call it DGroups.csv.  Create the following headers: Alias,DistributionGroup.  It should look like this:


Once you have that, open a PowerShell console, and connect to your Office 365 instance.  Make sure you have the credentials to add users to the groups listed in the file.  Now, run the following cmdlet:

Import-Csv “C:\DLAdd.csv” | ForEach-Object { Add-DistributionGroupMember -Identity $_.DistributionGroup -Member $_.Alias -BypassSecurityGroupManagerCheck }

That should be it… You should have your users added to the group.  Have fun!


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