Where Is It?

**DISCLOSURE: While I am contracted to Microsoft Corporation, I am not an employee. The articles that I write are not meant to represent the company, nor are they meant to represent me as an employee or spokesman for the company. As has always been the case, all articles on this website represent me and nobody else.

Microsoft_365Over the last few days I have been writing articles on Windows Security, mostly Windows Intune and Microsoft Endpoint Defender stuff. It has been interesting to see the response I have gotten, but there was one comment that struck me.

“Mitch, you usually use your Behike.ca demo tenant for these articles, but for this one you used your garvis.ca tenant. Why? Also, I tried to implement what you did, but it told me I did not have a license?”


Yes, when I started to write those articles, I tried to do the steps in my demo tenant… and got the screen you see above.

Microsoft 365 has several different features, and because not everyone is going to use all of them, different SKUs include different features. You can look into what SKUs are available for home, business, enterprise, and education here. The SKU that my demo tenant is on is Microsoft 365 E3, with the Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) E5 license. While that includes a lot of great features, Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is not one of them. That is the component that the securitycenter.windows.com is part of.

Fortunately for my readers, the Microsoft 365 E5 license, which I use for my personal account, does include ATP. As such, I am not only able to use it for my personal environment… I am also able to write about it, and take great screenshots for you along the way.

For a comparison of the two primary Enterprise SKUs, Check out this page. If you scroll down, you will see what features are unique to Microsoft 365 E5, and which are included in both M365 E5 and E3.

Have a great day!


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