Two Years Ago…

Mitch&Sophie Adoption DayThe morning of June 23, 2019 I woke up early. I do not remember much about it, but I know that we arrived at PetSmart in Beverly Hills three hours early for the adoption clinic. You see, Sophie had come into my life as a foster-to-adopt doggie, even though we knew from the very beginning that she would become a part of the family.

We walked to a café down the street and had a coffee, waiting patiently. I was eager, but she comforted me.

When the time came, we walked back to PetSmart and the team from Dogs Without Borders was there. They helped us with all the paperwork, and they took her into a cubicle to insert her chip. When she came back out, everything was done – and Princess Sophie Garvis was officially my fur-baby.

Of course, I did not realize that all of the accessories had to be returned to the agency. We walked through the aisles and picked out a collar and a leash – both purple, of course. We had a tag engraved with her name and my phone number (and Liza’s). We then went home… as a family.

A few days later, Princess Sophie had her first spa appointment, and she got her coiffeur done nicely. She does not mind the scraggly look, but we think she looks even more gorgeous when her hair is nicely cut. She is always gorgeous though, and she knows it. I love my girl, and I am so glad she chose us!

QuebecBy the way: I should mention that today (June 24) is St. Jean-Baptiste Day, or as it is called now in the Province of Quebec, La Fête Nationale. It is the day that the province celebrates, in lieu of next week’s Canada Day. Okay, that’s the way things are. What is most exciting about it though is that this evening the Montreal Canadiens are hosting the Las Vegas Golden Knights in Game 6 of the semi-finals… and we have a chance to clinch our berth in the finals for Lord Stanley’s Cup. How amazing would it be to clinch on this national holiday?

While I have never supported the Quebec sovereignty movement, I support being a proud Quebecois. I do not see that as a contradiction to being a proud Canadian… I am a Canadian from Quebec. It is no different from a proud American who is proud to be from Texas.

So, to all of my fellow Quebecois, Happy SJP/FN to you all… and G-d Save the Queen and the Montreal Canadiens!!!!


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