Do or Die

Tonight is Montreal’s last chance… after lackluster performance on Friday, we are at a point where we have to win every game… or it’s over.

I was not encouraged by the statistics going into Friday’s game. Of the fifty-five times a Stanley Cup Finals (SCF) series has gone 2-0, the team that was ahead has won forty-nine times. Statistically speaking, the numbers were not in Montréal’s favour.

And now Montréal is down 0-3. In 1942 the Toronto Maple Leafs were down 0-3 to the Detroit Red Wings, and came back to win. It was the first time a SCF went the full seven games. It remains the only time a team lost the first three and came back to win.

It happened once… when Hitler and Mussolini were running rampant throughout Europe, and Hirohito was exerting his dominance in the Pacific. What I am saying is that not only was it during World War Two… it was before the tides turned and the Allies started winning.

That’s a long time ago.

I no longer have any expectations that Our Boys will hoist the cup. We came close, but unless a real miracle happens (a biblical miracle… G-d parting the seas or making one night of oil burn for eight nights, and not a ‘It’s a miracle I didn’t get fired for falling asleep in my meeting!’ miracle), Tampa will become the twelfth team to repeat Stanley Cup wins. I am just hoping they pull a win or two out… two or three would be great, but the way we (and the way Tampa) have been playing, I would settle for one.

Tomorrow is my birthday. If we win tonight, then I can still have hope on that special day. If we lose, then I will celebrate my birthday knowing we got swept in four… by Tampa. Not even by an Original Six team; not even by a team from a city with a hockey climate… but by Tampa.

I won’t ask G-d to intervene… but if the Forum Ghosts are reading this, it would be a nice birthday present for me.



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