Get Moving with the Jabra Motion+

I have always been finicky about my Bluetooth earpieces.  As long as I have been using them (since about 2005) I have been very selective, for several reasons.  Sound quality of course is important, but so is comfort, not to mention battery life.  When I found my Jabra Supreme (See article) I was thrilled because it offered me all of those.

When you find an accessory that you are comfortable with it is often the best idea to stop looking; otherwise it could get very expensive.  Gadgets are, after all, a very expensive hobby!  However when they add real benefits to your day to day work productivity then they usually pay for themselves pretty quickly.

I picked up a Jabra Motion earlier this week (specifically the Jabra Motion UC with Travel & Charge Kit MS) after seeing it demonstrated at a recent event.  It is a different style of earpiece than I am used to… the mechanism itself fits behind the ear (rather than over it) and only the actual piece that fits into your ear hangs down.  Because of this I was worried about how co mfortable it would be, but sure enough after wearing it for the better part of a day it was still easy to wear.

My first concern about the device when I put it into my ear was that it did not seem to be a one-size-fits-all mechanism.  The speaker house seemed to fall short of going comfortably into my ear.  That is, until I took a closer look and realized that the piece that the speaker house was connected to was actually two pieces, and that the ear was easily adjusted by pulling it down (or up).  This design allows me to wear the device without having it in my ear, and when I take (or make) a call I just have to pop it in… the speaker house hangs freely otherwise, and I don’t have to remove it completely to hear what is happening around me.

Jabra-Motion 3Another great feature of this component is that it allows me to rotate the speaker house itself, which means I can wear it in either ear.  If you wear any device long enough it may get uncomfortable, and by being able to change ears without taking it apart is a huge bonus for me.

Okay, so now it came time to pair the device.  Only I didn’t have the device ready, so when I pressed the button on the device it told me something I had never heard from a Bluetooth earpiece before: SEVEN hours talk-time remaining.  That is amazing… I used it all week and did not need to recharge until the end of the day Friday (which I was then able to do while sitting at a cafe, because I had the carry/charge case with me!)

Pairing the device was easy… I followed the same steps I would have with any other Bluetooth device, and within seconds it was first paired to my phone, and then to my computer.  However it gets better, and I only discovered this feature after I was already paired: The Motion has a feature called Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which lets you simply tap the phone and the headset together and POOF! they are connected.  How cool is that?  I will be reading more about that feature later on… along with testing it out for you of course!

Jabra-Motion 2Some models of the Jabra Motion come with a comprehensive, everything-in-its-place carrying case which is nice, but a lot more practical than most carrying cases.  The case itself plugs in to any USB port and becomes a charging dock!  The hard shell of the carrying case protects it when not in use (I have broken several while sitting on airplanes) and comes complete with your cable, UC connector, and two extra ear gels (so you can pick the one that is the best fit for you, but also ‘just in case’ one of them should get lost).  If you are ordering on-line make sure you specify that you order the version that comes with the case!

The sound quality on the Motion surprised me.  At first test (from my office cubicle) it was no better or worse than the Jabra Supreme (which I still love).  Where it really shone though was when I walked outside with it… even on a windy day the HD voice, Noise Blackout 3.0 and Wind Noise Reduction technology reminded me why I went out and got this device… My wife did not even realize I had left my cubicle and walked outside during our conversation.  These features alone are worth the price!

The intuitive call control features are pretty slick… Every Bluetooth earpiece knows when your phone is ringing… how many of them will automatically answer the phone when you pick it up?  The built-in motion sensors do that, along with adjusting the volume automatically for you when you are on the go.

There are other ways to answer the phone aside from the mundane ‘pressing the button’ method.  If the boom arm is up when a call is coming in just unfold it and you are talking.  If the boom arm is already down then you can just say the word ‘answer’ and it will!  How cool is that?

Of course it works just fine with the Jabra PC Suite , so you can add all sorts of control to your device with that.  It also streams music from any Bluetooth device, and at 17.5g (.62g) it is lightweight yet durable.

Do I recommend it?  Oh yeah… Just the UC features made my life better this week, as I easily and seamlessly switched between talking on the phone, Lync, and Skype.  Of course only the –MS models are certified for Lync, but they will all work.  Pick one up and see what I mean!


The Jabra Puck Goes Bluetooth!

A year ago I got my Jabra Puck (Jabra Speak 410) and immediately fell in love with it.  The fact that I could use the same device as a speakerphone for Lync or Skype calls and meetings as I use in a hotel room to watch movies (or in a small conference room to add sound to my presentations) was great, and being able to simply pack it into my carry-on bag made life easy. 

Now here’s the thing… as devices get smaller they are coming with fewer USB ports than they used to (in some cases only one),  As I work with a number of devices this would be a problem with some, but not with others.  When I want to travel light I want to take my Surface Pro (or Surface RT) and as little else as possible.  While I have a USB hub it is just one more device that I have to throw in my bag… and I am trying to avoid as many new ‘one more’ devices as possible.

Puck510 Enter the Jabra Speak 510.

I was speaking with one of the Jabra reps at a recent event and I told them that i was not always carrying the puck with me for just this reason, and he told me about the newest member of the family.  The Speak 510 is everything that its older cousin was… but gives you the option of:

  • Plugging in;
  • Plugging in with a wireless dongle; or
  • Completely wireless over Bluetooth.

I was eager to try it out so when it arrived I rushed down to the shipping department to check out my new toy.  It looks the same, feels the same, and even comes with the same case… but even before trying it out you can notice some discrete differences… there are more ‘buttons’ .on the face – a Bluetooth button of course (for pairing), and a Power button (unlike the 410 which is always plugged in, this device does rely on a battery).  There is also a Battery button which lights up when it is charging, and will show you how strong your charge is when it is not.  Very nice.

dongle_1440x1440But how does it sound?

I’m getting to that.  I seldom have high hopes for sound over any wireless device, but this little puck device packs a big sound – wired or wireless.  It performs admirably in all modes tested – speakerphone (large area and confined area) as well as for music, movies, and overall sound.

What else?

As I mentioned I tend to work from several different devices.  While the Speak 510 does not seem to connect to multiple devices simultaneously, it has no problem remembering multiple devices – I can connect to it from my Surface, Surface Pro, X1 Carbon, and even my Nokia Lumia 920 as easily as I can select it from the appropriate device.  That really makes a difference when you do want to use it from any device.

But what if I am NOT a PC?

It is easy to forget in my largely Microsoft-centric world that there are still some of you who use other devices.  The Puck 510 is fully compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth (and just about any device with a USB port).  This means that MacBooks and even iPads are fair game… just plug in or pair and you are ready to go!


As I have said before I have been working on reducing the size of what I carry – both to the office and onto airplanes.  While the 510 will not actually help to reduce my load (I am replacing my 410 with the 510 – same size & weight) it will enable me to do slightly more with what I have… Until now I have not been doing conference calls or ‘sound presentations’ from my Surface devices, and this will allow me to change that.  While it does not provide high definition sound with base and such, I am not a ‘sound junkie’ so it is just fine for watching movies in hotels.  It also means that when i rent a car I do not have to worry about whether or not that car has Bluetooth hands-free capabilities, because I can simply pair my 510 and place it on the dashboard.

While you do have to plug the 510 in to charge it, you are looking at a pretty respectable battery life – Fifteen hours of talk time, which means that most people will only have to recharge once a week – if that often. 

This device lives up to its name – I have not run into a Jabra device that I did not like.  I also appreciate their support – I needed it for a different device recently, and they proved once again that they care about their customers.  Overall I give this a strong recommend for any professional who needs a simple, easy to pair speakerphone that may or may not need wireless, and may want to turn their laptop into a hotel sound system.  Just remember though that it can be loud enough to disturb your neighbors!

Jabra GO!

I don’t spend a lot of time working in my office at home, which is why it took me this long to discover this amazing feature of my Jabra Go 6470.  The 6470 is, of course, a great Bluetooth earpiece that works both with my cellular phone and computer.

Last month I wrote about how much I love my Jabra Supreme (Saved by Jabra: How my Bluetooth earpiece made my life easier this week).  I have been using that earpiece everywhere I go, and don’t know how I ever lived without it.  With that said though, no matter how comfortable they make it I still find anything that fits around my ear gets a little uncomfortable after a while.

When I wrote that piece I had completely forgotten that I also have a Jabra GO 6470, a great desktop set that works with my computer and my cell phone equally, and would even work with an actual phone if I had one (I do have a POTS at home, but there is no jack in my office).  The reason I seldom use the 6470 (and why it so easily slipped my mind) is that by looking at it there are no real functional differences between it and my Supreme Link… well, there are actually plenty, but for someone always on the go maybe fewer.

Additionally, when I got it I did not really investigate to see what options it came with; I pulled it out of the box and tried it the way it was.  It had excellent sound quality of course, but had the same type of over-the-ear clip that my Jabra Supreme has, so why bother.  It also had a nub that goes right into the ear, and I have never been fond of those for long periods of time.

(The stand is nice… when you leave your office you simply drop it back into the base and it charges.  The touch screen has some really cool features, including the ability to dial either your cell phone or your Lync… but since when I first ‘test-drove’’ it I didn’t have the Lync Enterprise license (i.e.: the ability to call out from my computer) it wasn’t really of interest to me.  Now that I have that ability I am like a kid in a candy store!)

Now here’s where it gets interesting: when I got in from Calgary on Saturday I knew that I was going to be in town for nearly 11 days… not quite unheard of but certainly rare for me.  I was planning on spending quite a few days in the home office working on slide decks, labs, courseware, and other stuff… and knew that I would be spending a lot of time here.

66_Jabra_GO_6470_headband_largeI took the opportunity to straighten up a little and came across a headband in a plastic wrapper.  Not sure what it was, but it was labeled ‘GO 6400 series Headband.’  Could it be?  I pulled the earpiece off the base, pulled the ‘strap’ off, and popped the earpiece into the headband.  It immediately solved my two greatest pain points: the ear nub, and the band around the ear.

I have now been wearing for a few days, and have been thrilled to be able to use the touchpad dial, not to mention saving the battery of my Jabra Supreme for when I really am on the go!

While I have had the opportunity to meet with a few of Jabra’s main competitors at trade shows recently I have to admit that I haven’t seen anything that they offer that tops the Jabra tools I use.  As well when I asked their representatives for a comparison each of them balked, stating simply that their products were as good or better, but not actually demonstrating or (better yet) letting me see for myself.

Effective immediately the Jabra GO is my new at-home wireless device (like the Supreme it will connect with two (and even three!) devices at the same time, and has the comfortable headband, the dock, the touchscreen dial, and the adaptability to adapt to my needs and comfort; the Jabra SUPREME LINK remains my device for the car, train, and wherever I need to be hands-free.  In hotel rooms I use the Jabra SPEAK 410 (although rumour has it they are coming out with a newer model… stay tuned!), and when I jog the Jabra ACTIVE meets all of my needs.

Thanks Jabra!

Saved by Jabra: how my Bluetooth earpiece made my life easier this week.

In May I posted about the genesis of my relationship with Jabra products (see Jabra Who? Jabra GO!).  Since then (and not strictly because of them) I have changed the way I do business in a lot of ways.  The Jabra devices I have in my arsenal have made a lot of those changes a lot smoother than they would have otherwise been.

I actually have four main Jabra devices that I use on a regular basis, although I actually have a couple others as well.  The ones I use always are:

Jabra_SUPREME_UC_Full_View_T_Position_04_1440X810Although I spent a lot of time on the phone, I always found that wearing an earpiece for extended periods of time became painful so frankly a few years ago (after I accidentally ran my Jawbone 2 through the washing machine) I stopped using them.  When Ben Sept (from Jabra) heard about this problem he asked if I would be willing to try one of their devices that he said was ‘designed for longer-term comfort’ than most of the devices I had tried before.  Enter the Supreme.

It is worth noting that in Ontario, like many jurisdictions, has made it illegal to use a handheld device while driving.  I spend a lot of time driving, and initially I figured that the integrated Bluetooth system in my car would solve that problem.  Boy was I wrong.  It may be fine during a nice sunny day with the windows up, but even then the ambient noise causes interference that is intolerable to the person on the other end of the line.  A comfortable earpiece would make my life easier.

The Jabra SUPREME was different from the other devices I had tried in several respects, not the least of which was that rather than inserting a piece into my ear, it had a large cushion that holds the device comfortably over my ear, with a padded leather covered wire that went around my ear.  It is certainly more comfortable than the other devices I had tried. 

So I finally have a device that I could wear for longer periods without pain; the sound quality and noise cancellation is excellent, and the battery life is second to none.  I was happy, and linked it to my phone.  However because it also has a little USB dongle, I plugged it into my laptop for the odd time that I used Skype or Live Messenger.  Oh, and by the way, the device talks to you. ‘Power On…. Connected.’  Just in case Winking smile

Several weeks ago I heard a audio prompt from the earpiece that I hadn’t heard before.  ‘Two devices connected.’  What do you… Oh, so I can be connected to my computer AND my phone at the same time?  Cool.  At the time I didn’t realize that this functionality would soon save me a lot of hassles.

Last month when I became a Virtual Technical Advisor at Microsoft Canada I quickly had to become a big Lync user.  It’s not that I didn’t want to be before, but all of a sudden I was internal with an organization that uses it for everything – meetings, phone calls, you name it.  That was when my Jabra usage went into high gear.  After my first Lync meeting for which I did NOT have a UC device, I pulled out the Jabra Supreme and made sure my levels were adjusted.  It was going to lose it’s new car smell in a hurry!

Earlier this week my Lync account was upgraded to have a phone number associated to it, which means that now I can not only speak with other Lync users, I can also make and receive phone calls from Lync.  Aside from saving a ton on long distance charges, it has already proven useful when the battery on my cell phone is low.  However last night and this morning is when the device became my best friend.

I won’t bore you with the details of the issues that we had with shipping this week, but Wednesday evening Pierre and I found ourselves waiting in the Microsoft office in Montreal until 9:30… waiting.  We were scrambling to track down a shipment that was late and critical; at the same time Pierre was dealing with another critical issue, and I was dealing with a few on my end.  We were two guys, four devices, and a lot of problems.  Oh, and the battery on my computer was nearly dead so I had to leave it plugged in.  We were both getting e-mails left and right, our smart phones were going like gangbusters, and just when I thought it couldn’t get worse, I heard that dreaded tone on my smartphone that told me that my battery level was critically low.

I had to charge the phone, but I had to keep running around dealing with issues… but I had to stay tied to my phone just in case any of several pieces fell into place.  The earpiece would be a temporary saviour… but could it be more?

‘Two devices connected.’

I had almost forgotten!  My Jabra Supreme would not only let me answer calls on my cellphone… it would not only alert me when I got an e-mail… it would not only read my text messages to me, and then let me reply by just speaking clearly… it would also simultaneously let me participate in the Lync conference calls that were going on constantly, all while sitting nearly 50 feet from both my computer and my cell phone!

I was hyper-connected and untethered, free to do what I needed to do, where I needed to do it.  To say that the Jabra Supreme was a lifesaver would be overstating it, but it is certainly safe to say that it really made my life easier yesterday.

It got better today…

This morning was going to be stressful no matter what happened.  The twenty-two laptops that we use to run the IT Pro Camps for Microsoft Canada arrived at the Montreal office at 7:05am, and Pierre and I had to get them set up, plugged in, connected, and reset in time to start the Camp on time at 9:00am.  Ordinarily 1:55 minutes is a reasonable amount of time to do that, but there were two problems:

  • Our students don’t arrive at 9:00, they start arriving at 8:00; and
  • I had an urgent conference call that could not be missed at 7:15.

I had a little under an hour to get the computers ready, and could not take time away to take a phone call that I had to take.  Solution?  Leave my computer plugged in at the front of the room, call in to the call from there, and participate on the call while I did the work to set up and reset the machines.  Oh, and again it was important that I be alerted to incoming e-mails, and the subtle tone in my ear did that.

Don’t get me wrong… I love the Jabra SPEAK 410 (affectionately known as the Puck)… I use it not only for conference calls when several people are in the room, but also as a computer speaker for when I present to medium-sized audiences and need sound, as well as to watch movies from my laptop in hotel rooms.  I use the GN2000 when I am sitting at my desk and need a simple headset to take conference calls – the wired connection is always going to have better sound quality than wireless.  When I am jogging (or on an airplane) the Jabra ACTIVE let me listen to my music, podcasts, or movies comfortably.

…But none one of these has saved the day in quite the way and to the same extent as my Jabra Supreme.  Thanks Ben!

Oh… and did I mention that it lets me have clear conversations when I am in the car? Smile