Mobile Device Advice – once bitten…

So I have raved to anyone who will listen about my HTC Tilt PDA… I bought it in November, and although it was pricey I have not regretted it for a minute.  If there is a function that a phone or device an do, it does it.  It has a great CPU that really shows how smooth the Mobile 6 operating system runs.  With built in features such as GPS, Push E-Mail, a very comfortable slide keyboard and both 3G and wifi networks I have never found myself wanting.

Unfortunately there are some things that not even this device can do, and when I accidentally smashed (and cracked) the screen a couple of weeks ago it became useless… and as sick as the cost of replacing (the screen) made me, it was still significantly cheaper than replacing the entire device.  For the most part the people at HTC have been very helpful and understanding, although I still maintain that the repair should have been covered under warranty.

The lesson from all this:  I have two bits of advice:

  1. Invest a couple of dollars in a screen protector, and more importantly a protective case (hopefully a hard shell case if available for your device; and
  2. Don't smash the phone and crack your screen in half inadvertently.

Expensive lessons learned… sigh.

There was supposed to be one bright side to this, as HTC promised to install their original Mobile 6 OS, rather than the AT&T modified version.  They did not.  As well, I cannot figure out why they insisted I ship the phone in the original packaging, but sent it back to me in a plain brown box.  I guess Theresa must have told them I like to keep these things and to try to help her out.


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