Operation National Proposal

I knew a couple of months ago that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. We had a few ups and downs, but those were always caused by outside forces interfering with our lives. I knew in March that I was going to ask her to marry me, and I knew … Continue reading Operation National Proposal

War and Sanctions and the Economic Casualties of War

I am in a quandary.This week, Russia invaded Ukraine. We can discuss the reasons behind it, but they are irrelevant. Simply put, Vladimir Putin wants to control the country, while the country wants to join NATO and the European Union. It is clear that Putin is a ruthless dictator who wants to rebuild the Russian … Continue reading War and Sanctions and the Economic Casualties of War

Lord Stanley’s Cup Goes Home

**Note to my readers: I love the city of Tampa. I love the people there, the culture, the scenery, the food, and of course the cigar scene. This piece says many unflattering things, and I want to be clear that none of these is intended as a slight to the beautiful city, but rather to … Continue reading Lord Stanley’s Cup Goes Home

Windows 11: First impressions

**DISCLOSURE: While I am contracted to Microsoft Corporation, I am not an employee. The articles that I write are not meant to represent the company, nor are they meant to represent me as an employee or spokesman for the company. As has always been the case, all articles on this website represent me and nobody … Continue reading Windows 11: First impressions