F-U Microsoft

That is all.

5 responses to “F-U Microsoft”

  1. Shayne Kawalilak Avatar
    Shayne Kawalilak

    Let me guess… all your shit stopped working because Microsoft upgraded your laptop to Windows 11 over Easter weekend without asking you…? We all feel you.

    1. No, nothing like that. Shayne, I like to think that I’m in the top 1% when it comes to really knowing Windows… sometimes I discover issues that I cannot find answers to anywhere… and frankly that is VERY unusual… because the Internet has answers to almost every computer question known to man!

  2. So, Mitch, what’s really got your goat with MS? Enquiring minds would love to know!

    1. It’s something stupid to do with RDP. Don’t worry about it, you will almost 100% never encounter it.

  3. Bruce Richardson Avatar
    Bruce Richardson

    Never really liked RDP; it’s slow, and doesn’t pass everything through (or you need to use different key combos, etc.).

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