First Amendment Rights


To all of the First Amendment ‘journalists’ who post videos of themselves arguing with the police for asking them to not record: Yes, it might be your right to do it. It is always your right to be a belligerent and argumentative jackass. In the vast majority of cases, the police are very respectful in the face of your utter disgusting disrespect. Recording liquor stores, federal buildings, police stations, and any number of other places where you are obviously going to pick a fight is just moronic and immature. Grow the hell up and get a life. You are not journalists, you are just jackasses who are going out of their way to antagonize the authorities and try to get them to do something wrong. I cannot begin to tell you how many of you morons deserve to have the police punch you in the face, but they are professionals and do not do it. In every one of these videos I see them responding to your belligerence with professionalism.

Here’s the thing: If you are not doing anything wrong, then refusing to identify yourself makes you look like an ass. Are you obligated to? Probably not, unless you are being detained (and unless you are operating a motor vehicle). But telling them things like ‘I refuse to answer any of your questions.’ or ‘No I am not telling you who I am’ is just ignorant. Yelling at them that you are on public property or that they work for you and that you own the police station? You want to tell them what a huge mistake they are making and that you are going to sue them and the city? Yeah… STOO-PID!

I get it…  you want to demonstrate against the police. You know what? Most of them are not bad people, and the ones who are – the ones who are not deserve to be fired, but the vast majority of the videos that you jackwads are posting about them just show what idiots and provocateurs you are, while reinforcing their professionalism.



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