More comments from a converted Vista enthusiast

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In a previous post ( I told you about the manager of the local Starbucks, a computer enthusiast whom I helped get going on Windows Vista and Microsoft Office.  This afternoon I got an e-mail from him that I wanted to share with you.  Not a word has been edited, and it was unsolicited.

<begin e-mail>

It’s been a while since I’ve seen you around, but that’s ok.  You’ve helped me out a great deal and I wanted to say thank you again.  Also, I know you are always looking for feedback so that is the other reason for my email.

I have just recently purchased a laptop and of course I wanted Windows Vista on it.  Over the months while running the OS I have found it to be incredibly reliable and very responsive.  There are a lot of misconceptions out there about the OS, mostly due to the OS being installed on computers which are either too old, or the user bought a new one that didn’t meet the world’s new standards.  These new standards are not entirely a bad thing either; newer standards continue to offer us more possibilities and more quality.  When I purchased my new laptop I made sure it was made of quality parts, such as the CPU having a 1066MHz fsb and a large cache, the memory clocked at 800mhz (a little bit above standard 667), the motherboard fsb clocked at 1066Mhz, and so forth.  Although, you can definitely run Windows Vista very smoothly with lower clock speeds, as long as the parts are all in sync and work well together.

Windows Vista has given me more reliability when I needed it and is a hardened OS when it comes to protection.  It gives me more detailed critical information so I can properly manage my computer by knowing what’s going on all of the time.  Microsoft Office OneNote 2007 has also made my life incredibly more organized and less stressful.  I’m able to organize all of the huge loads of information from a wide area of sources all in one application.  It has made my work much more effective and has proven to be much more action oriented so I can make the impacts I need in my business more often and in a timely manner.

<end e-mail>

It is always nice to hear positive feedback from people I helped get started with Vista.  I know there are plenty more, and I will gladly post your comments.  If you are not yet working on Vista then, as always, tell me why and you might win a copy for yourself!

For more information about the Windows Springboard Series visit


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