EBS Deployment Scripts

Over the past few weeks I have been in front of a number of audiences discussing Essential Business Server.  As promised, here are the scripts I discussed to create your WindowsPE to deploy the OS portion of the EBS servers over the network:


call copype.cmd amd64 C:winpe

imagex /mountrw C:winpewinpe.wim 1 C:winpemount

peimg /inf=C:driversnicamd64*.inf C:winpemountwindows

peimg /prep C:winpemountWindows /f

imagex /unmount /commit C:winpemount

copy C:winpewinpe.wim C:winpeISOsourcesboot.wim

oscdimg -n -bC:winpeetfsboot.com C:winpeISO C:winpewinpe.iso

Here is the script to create your bootable USB key:


                Sel disk 2


                Cre part pri



                Format fs=ntfs quick

Copy the content from the .ISO image to the USB stick

I should point out that these are NOT my scripts… To the best of my ability they can be traced to a presentation by Michael Nytrom and Greg Starks at TechEd.  I am indebted to both of them for helping to pave the way!

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