Oh What a Night!

IMG_0057 New Years Eve… December 31st, 2008.  We left our hotel at 1pm and did not stop having an incredible time for over twelve hours!  I started to blog when we came home last night, but it was a lost cause.  It is now New Years Day, and I have a lot to remember from last night.

We had tickets to see Jersey Boys, which was by far the best of the shows that we have seen this trip.  The star of the show – Dominic Scaglione Jr. – had an incredible voice, and was a really nice guy… he and his entourage happened to walk into the bar where Theresa and I were sitting after the show, and spent a few minutes talking to us.  We had already gotten a picture of him with Theresa, but took this opportunity to get an autograph.

Drinks were at the bar in Gallagher's, across the street on 52nd Street West.  Max was pouring the drinks, and he did not seem to be measuring his pours.  Around 6:00 I asked for a table, and we had an excellent steak dinner… not Berns’ or Moishe’s, but definitely a great steak!

 IMG_0071We walked along 8th Avenue to 42nd Street where we had concert tickets… what a madhouse!  Theresa and I made sure to stick together, and with a little effort we got to the 42nd Street Checkpoint in one piece.  We showed our tickets to no fewer than three NYPD cops, and then got to B.B. King’s.  We were all bundled up because we figured we would have to wait in line outside, but as luck would have it they were letting people wait in the bar, where we met a really nice couple from Tennessee.  Tom and Charlene were the nicest people, on their first vacation in several years and loving New York City.

IMG_0129 When they started letting people into the lounge we were near the front of the line, and got a great  table… and the drinks kept coming.  All I can say is it is a good thing that we were not driving!

Chuck Berry was incredible… at his age (he has to be seventy years old!) he isn’t duck-walking anymore, but he sure has the voice, and can play the guitar like nobody’s business!  He played all of our favourite songs, and then some… Maybelline, Oh Carol, My Ding-a-Ling (an interesting audience participation sing-a-long!), and Sweet Sixteen.  Leading into midnight he brought a couple of girls from the audience on stage, and broke into Johnny B. Goode… WOW!  He really knows how to make people move!

Somehow for the last couple of songs Charlene ended up on stage with Chuck and the band… and she did not disappoint the drunken entourage that she left behind!  Just look at her in this picture, dancing with the man himself.  Theresa stayed behind, and Tom and I were just taking as many pictures as we could, while dancing along. 

IMG_0151Sadly the show had to come to an end, as all good things must.  As we made our way to the door Theresa opined that it was definitely her greatest New Years Eve ever… and I spent a minute trying to think of a better one.  I have spent them with friends, I have spent them with family… I spent two in the army.  None that I can think of can hold a candle to what we did last night (sorry Brad… at least you got your award!).  Great shows, great food, great people, and the woman I love.  What more could a man ask for?  I hope you all had a great time too… and wish you and yours the best for an incredible 2009!

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