Creating a Bootable USB Key

It seems that some of my articles got chopped during the move to WordPress.  Doh!  Here are the simple instructions to create a bootable USB key:

  1. Open a Command Prompt session with Administrator privileges.
  2. Run the Disk Partition utility (diskpart.exe)
  3. Type List Disk to see a list of drives on your computer.  Determine which is your USB key and select it. (Select Disk 2)
  4. Type Clean.
  5. Type Create Partition Primary.
  6. Type assign.
  7. Format the disk… I usually suggest using Windows Explorer using the Quick Format option.
  8. (back in DiskPart) type Active.
  9. Exit DiskPart and the Command Prompt.

At this point your USB key is bootable, and you simply have to copy the proper files onto it.  I generally create a Media Deployment Point in Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and then copy the contents of the proper directory (x:\Media\Content) onto the key.

Have fun!


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