Fifteen Tabs: Shut em all down!

Those of us who try to keep  the banging of our heads against a wall to a minimum will have long since learned that we don’t know everything, and more often than not there is someone out there who knows more than we do. “But Mitch, how can you say that?  I read your blog... Continue Reading →

Will you pay?

An article showed up in my Inbox today: Intel Core i9: It's not whether you need 12 cores, but whether you'll pay for them.  It is an interesting read, and a very good question. I have always liked ZDNet.  Their people do a good job of keeping a pulse on the industry.  Their question is... Continue Reading →

Remembrance Day vs. Christmas Decorations: The battle begins.

I was listening to talk radio as I drove home from wherever recently and there was a discussion about Christmas decorations, and the discussion was whether or not it is inappropriate (In Canada) to put up Christmas decorations prior to Remembrance Day (November 11th). One of the commentators said that Christmas decorations before Remembrance Day... Continue Reading →

Since When…?

Those of us who have been in the IT industry for a while remember the heady days of never having to reboot a server... otherwise known as 'The days before Windows Server.'  Those days are long gone, and even non-Windows servers need to be patched and restarted. But how do you know when it last happened?... Continue Reading →

Distinguished Names for Complex Items

Distinguished Names are pretty simple, right? Well... it depends on several factors.  To figure out the DN for it is... dc=swmi,dc=ca.  An Organizational Unit is not much harder... Let's take an OU called Toronto in the domain... ou=Toronto,dc=swmi,dc=ca.  Simple. But what happens when we add a little complexity to our environment?  Say... OUs within... Continue Reading →

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