Will you pay?

An article showed up in my Inbox today: Intel Core i9: It's not whether you need 12 cores, but whether you'll pay for them.  It is an interesting read, and a very good question. I have always liked ZDNet.  Their people do a good job of keeping a pulse on the industry.  Their question is … Continue reading Will you pay?

Hyper-V CPU Compatibility Mode

it is pretty well known that for Live Migration to work in Hyper-V, the CPUs on the hosts must be of the same family (Intel to Intel, AMD to AMD).  However it is not as simple as that.  Both companies are constantly improving their products, so a CPU that Intel makes in 2013 will have … Continue reading Hyper-V CPU Compatibility Mode

Virtualization: CPUs and Cores and Sockets… Oh My!

I have been getting a lot of questions recently about virtual machine CPU usage, especially around things like Symmetric Multi-Threading (SMT).  Jeff Woosley, the Principal Product Manager (WSSC) at Microsoft, recently sent out this clarification which many of you will find enlightening. –MDG --- Q: Should Symmetric Multi-Threading (SMT) be enabled or disabled? A: Hyper-V … Continue reading Virtualization: CPUs and Cores and Sockets… Oh My!