New Notepad?

When preparing to publish this article, it came as no surprise to me that Notepad, long a feature in Microsoft Windows, was not listed as a blog Category. After all, it’s like writing an article about the carpets in the back seat of your car… who cares, right? They are there, you try to clean … Continue reading New Notepad?

Shake Your Thang!

I remember sitting in a MCT Airlift for Windows 7 when we were introduced to Aero Shake. I was a huge fan of Shake, which allowed someone with a very busy desktop to take the title bar of the window they were using, shake it, and all of the other open windows (desktop clutter) would … Continue reading Shake Your Thang!

Busting the Myth: Windows 11 Hardware Requirements

If you were to ask me to pinpoint the exact moment of IBM’s downfall and the great rise of Microsoft, it would be in the room in Armonk, New York where the IBM developers and the Microsoft developers were trying to create a new operating system for the new IBM-AT (based on the 16-bit 80286 … Continue reading Busting the Myth: Windows 11 Hardware Requirements

When Will Windows 11 Drop?

**DISCLOSURE: While I am contracted to Microsoft Corporation, I am not an employee. The articles that I write are not meant to represent the company, nor are they meant to represent me as an employee or spokesman for the company. As has always been the case, all articles on this website represent me and nobody … Continue reading When Will Windows 11 Drop?