Control Your Apps In Windows 10

It is hard to believe that we are approaching the sixth anniversary of Microsoft Windows 10. The Windows-As-A-Service delivered OS seems to be widely accepted, and for the most part, it is a great environment.One of the complaints I hear most often is that there are a lot of applications running that people do not… Continue reading Control Your Apps In Windows 10

What Happened to My Start? Turning off ‘Metro’ in Windows 10

I think we were all relieved when Microsoft agreed to put the Start Button back in Windows 8.1… Of course, it led to the Start Screen instead of a menu, but it was a start.  So when they announced that Windows 10 would have the actual Start Menu back, there was a general sigh of… Continue reading What Happened to My Start? Turning off ‘Metro’ in Windows 10

Windows 8: Does the new Metro interface mean diminished functionality?

‘Mitch, I have been in love with the Search feature in Windows 7 since you demonstrated it at the House Party launch at Artisano’s… how come Microsoft took it away?’ These were the first words a community member said to me when they ran into me at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference last week.  I had… Continue reading Windows 8: Does the new Metro interface mean diminished functionality?

In Defense of Metro (STOP That!)

In 1995 Microsoft introduced us to the Start Menu. I still remember all of the ridicule and complaints, that it was difficult to find things, and of course it was silly to have to press START to shut down your computer.  We all got used to it… wow, did we get used to it.  So… Continue reading In Defense of Metro (STOP That!)