Windows to Go: Ironkey gets it right

Back in 2012 I spent a lot of time talking (and writing) about Windows to Go (WTG).  This was Microsoft’s newest feature that allowed you to install Windows 8 on a USB key.  In theory I loved it, in practice… well, most of the USB keys that I tried it on (the certified ones, and … Continue reading Windows to Go: Ironkey gets it right

Windows 10–A few days in

By the time you read this, we will be a few days into August, which means that Windows 10 started to become available a few days ago, and chances are this is not the first piece you are reading on Microsoft's newest OS. Over the past few years Microsoft has been talking about a single … Continue reading Windows 10–A few days in

Where’s My… <Fill in the blank Admin tool>?

If you are me you like that every few years we get a new version of Windows.  Great new features, new tools, new this, new that… and new frustrations trying to figure out where the hell all of my tools are! Yeah yeah I know… this is the last version of Windows we are getting … Continue reading Where’s My… <Fill in the blank Admin tool>?

Apple Dongles… Dangling functionality in front of you!

“Just remember Mitch… you are coming into an environment where people love their Macs and their Linux.  As long as you don’t come in and try to convert them, you will do well here.” Yes, when I had my initial conversation with the leadership at Kobo I was told something very much like that.  Obviously … Continue reading Apple Dongles… Dangling functionality in front of you!

Home Entertainment in 2014

As some of you know I recently moved into a new condo.  Unlike my previous living arrangements, I will be living here alone… although my children will visit, they (and the dogs) will be living with their mother. You all know me as a Windows guy, and that has not changed; however there are so … Continue reading Home Entertainment in 2014

Battery Up: Windows 8.1 on the Surface Pro 2

I have already bragged about the Surface Pro 2, and I still love it and that has not changed.  It took a lot for it to supplant my Lenovo X1 Carbon as my primary device (my original Surface Pro was always simply a companion device).  The device rocks, simply put. One thing that I don't … Continue reading Battery Up: Windows 8.1 on the Surface Pro 2

Wireless Network Security… OMG!!!

Last week I wrote a piece called An Epic Advantage to Windows 8 & the Cloud. I was happy to share that Windows 8.1 and Windows SkyDrive (soon to be renamed Windows OneDrive) automatically maintain the passwords for wireless networks across devices.  For the most part the article was well received, but there were some … Continue reading Wireless Network Security… OMG!!!